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If a scenario plays out that Team USA is eliminated from Olympic hockey, don’t be surprised to see a ton of midwesterners rooting for Russia in the Olympics. Why is that? 

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Ohio State basketball was in some trouble in January. They lost games they should not have. They not only lost them, they looked terrible. Dropping six games in January, the Buckeyes seem to be back on track. With wins over Iowa and Wisconsin, the Buckeyes are once again in position to compete near the top of the Big Ten conference.

A Tale Of Two Streaks: The Columbus Blue Jackets

Jan 30, 2014

The Columbus Blue Jackets were the hottest team in all of hockey last week, now they look uninspired and lost. What exactly are the Columbus Blue Jackets? Are they contenders or are they pretenders? 

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Can Ohio State Basketball right the ship? They have lost four straight conference games and are a long way off from their No. 3 ranking they held just weeks ago.

The Struggle To Fill Nationwide Arena

Jan 17, 2014
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This week on the After The Score Podcast we pose an uncomfortable question surrounding the Columbus Blue Jackets: why can’t Nationwide Arena sell out? 

Wrapping Up Buckeye Football

Jan 10, 2014
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On the inaugural episode of After The Score Podcast we will put a wrap on the 2013 Ohio State football season with Ben Axelrod of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin

10:00 This weekend, the Ohio State Buckeyes will play Michigan State for a shot at the Big Ten title. First up this hour, we'll look back with author Bill Rabinowitz at OSU's undefeated season, and talk about what lies ahead for the team. Guest: Bill Rabinowitz, reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, author of "Buckeye Rebirth: Urban Meyer, an Inspired Team, and a New Era at Ohio State." 10:20-11:00 As college students brace for finals week, earth's wetlands are undergoing an evaluation of their own.

10:00 In 2011, Dave Duerson, defensive back for the Chicago Bears, asked that his brain be studied upon his death and then shot himself in the chest. Hits to the head are a part of the game, but the NFL has long denied that football players are at higher risk for mental illnesses caused by concussions. This hour we'll talk about the evidence, and if the league will confront accusations head on. Guests

Rare Football Films: The Newsreels

Aug 22, 2013

10:00 Before televisions were in every home, and long before live streaming, sports newsreels allowed football fans to watch players in action. This hour we'll talk about the importance of archived footage and discuss some rarely seen historical highlights. Plus we'll take a look at the surprising influence of the game on American culture. Guests

10:00 We know they have great abs, but do athletes also possess a special gene that makes them strategic, quick-thinking, and ultimately successful? That's the question we'll be tackling today on All Sides. We'll investigate the relationship between practice and talent,  look at what genetics has to do with passion, and look at why some countries produce a disproportionate number of Olympians. Guests

11:00 Buckeye football fans are proud, that we all know. But what's behind the fanaticism and historic traditions of The Ohio State University? On this hour, we'll talk about Ohio State football just in time for the school's 100th Homecoming Game this Saturday. Guests

Baseball: The History of the Fastball

Aug 4, 2011

Baseball is still known as "America's favorite pastime." Now, during the height of baseball season, we'll talk about the evolution of one of the most fascinating parts of the sport, the fastball. How the fastball came to be, and how it's developed since. We'll talk with author and baseball sports writer, Time Wendel, about behind-the-scene tales and history of the fastball this hour on All Sides. Guest:

  • Tim Wendel (author and baseball sports writer)

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Coverage of Jim Tressel Resignation

May 31, 2011

After some encouragement from Ohio State, according to the Dispatch, Jim Tressel stepped down from his position as head coach.  We'll discuss the implications of his resignation and what the future looks like for Ohio State football. How do you feel about Jim Tressel's decision to step down? Leave a comment and let us know. Guest:

  • Ray Stein (Columbus Dispatch Sports Editor)

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