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The Ohio Statehouse
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The House is set to vote on its version of the state budget tomorrow. But budget hearings in the Senate have already started - kicking off with the state budget director.

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It’s looking more like Gov. John Kasich is going to run for President in 2016.

Statehouse Reporters Roundtable

Apr 20, 2015
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Governor John Kasich says that he's "seriously considering" running for president, as the Republican presidential field crowds with hopefuls: Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruze, Rand Paul, and possibly former Governor Jeb Bush.

Former Candidate Files Complaint Against Kasich Campaign

Apr 16, 2015
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A would-be libertarian candidate in Ohio's gubernatorial election last year has filed a complaint alleging Gov. John Kasich's re-election team broke election law and owes a hefty fine.

Ohio Auditor Angry Over Move To Stifle Open Records Audits

Apr 16, 2015

State Auditor Dave Yost is furious over a move by fellow Republicans to stifle his new public records audit system aimed at resolving disputes over records before a lawsuit is filed.

Ohio House Takes Up Bill To Push Back Ohio Primary Election

Apr 15, 2015

State representatives are questioning whether a bill that would move Ohio's 2016 primary election date might cause confusion among voters and candidates.

Republican leaders in the Ohio House say they’re on board with Gov. John Kasich’s proposed income tax cut, but don’t want to offset it with other tax increases.

Ohio House Expected To Revise Kasich Tax, School Proposal

Apr 14, 2015

The Ohio House plans to unveil major changes Tuesday to Gov. John Kasich's proposed budget, including overhauls to his tax and education plans.

John Kasich
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Ohio Governor John Kasich says the state does not need a religious freedom act like the Indiana law that's brought claims of discrimination.

Ted Strickland (left) and P.G. Sittenfield
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The fundraising figures are in for two democratic candidates who want to be elected U.S. Senator next year. The report shows a very close race between two of the candidates.

Columbus Mayoral candidates debate issues on WOSU TV's Columbus on the Record.

The race for Columbus mayor includes two candidates who served on the Columbus school board when indications first surfaced of a data manipulation scheme. 

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A new bill would drop training and background check requirements for concealed weapon permits in Ohio.