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G-O-P Lawmakers Launch Hearings on Immigration

Sep 12, 2006

Republicans who dominate the Ohio Legislature plan to launch committee hearings tomorrow (Tuesday) on a bill to crackdown on illegal immigrants. Legislative leaders hope to get final approval for the plan by the end of the year .but advocates for Hispanics are already vowing to challenge the measure in court, if it becomes law.

Bill Cohen Ohio Public Radio

New Voter Petition Rules Cause Legislative Stir.

Jun 27, 2006

A legislative committee approved new rules governing how individuals and groups register new voters. The new guidelines were written by Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and grew out of a bill Governor Taft signed in January overhauling Ohio election law. Critics are concerned that new rules require paid circulators to return signed registration cards within to either county boards of elections or the secretary of state's office, rather than to the group paying them.