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Researchers Use Common Viruses To Fight Cancer

Mar 30, 2015
Jo McCulty / Ohio State University

For years, doctors have treated cancer with three things: chemicals, radiation and surgery. New research finds another approach holds promise – giving cancer a cold…a cold virus.

BeitelStrong / Facebook

Young adults traditionally aren’t the face of cancer. But people between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer at a rate six times higher than children, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Impact Of Ohio’s Moves To Reduce Lake Erie Algae Years Away

Mar 28, 2015
File Photo

Ohio’s new rules to clamp down on some of the pollutants feeding the toxic algae in Lake Erie aren’t likely to show immediate results.

Backers of the legislation approved this past week in the Ohio Statehouse say it will be at least a couple years before it’s known how the changes will affect water quality.

That’s because there are many factors that have led to the algae outbreaks. Some Ohio lawmakers think neighboring states including Michigan and Indiana need to take action to reduce their pollutants going into Lake Erie.

Leaders: Lake Erie Algae Bill Moves Ohio In Right Direction

Mar 25, 2015
Lake Erie
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Legislative leaders in Ohio are praising new rules for farmers aimed at cutting down the toxic algae in Lake Erie.

The wide-ranging proposal is expected to be voted out of the Ohio House and Senate on Wednesday afternoon.

ODNR / Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio emergency management officials plan to discuss the precarious situation with a faulty dam at Buckeye Lake.

Ohio Flu Cases Drop Below 100

Mar 13, 2015

Ohio health officials say the number of flu-related hospitalizations fell below 100 last week as an unusually severe season comes to an end.

Life Expectancy Varies In Franklin County

Mar 12, 2015
senior citizen
Kirwin Institute

A new study on life expectancy points to race, poverty and lack of health care as factors that contribute to the premature death of some county residents.

Pills / Flickr

The coroner in Ohio’s largest county is seeing a rise in deaths from the powerful painkiller fentanyl.

ODNR / Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The findings of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers study on Buckeye Lake dam are serious.

Surge In Ohio Ginseng Harvesting

Mar 10, 2015
Sam Hendren / WOSU

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is studying ways to protect Ginseng, a plant highly prized in Asia for claimed medicinal qualities. Recent media attention has caused a surge in ginseng harvesting.

Rick Campbell and Kelly Caldwell sit at their dining table in their rural Morgan County home looking out at the snow covered hills. Scattered beneath the snowy mantle is wild ginseng. Campbell has spent most of his adult life dealing in the exotic commodity. He says he first dug ginseng, which he calls ‘sang, when he was 18 years old. How did he know what he’d found?

Ohio Legislature Weighs New 'Run-off' Regs For Farmers

Mar 9, 2015

The Ohio House is expected to vote on legislation this week to regulate fertilizer and manure run-off from fields. The run-off is partially blamed for a toxic algae bloom on Lake Erie that disrupted water supply for 400,000 Toledo residents last summer.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation spokeswoman Yvonne Lesicko says the house bill will help reduce the threat of toxic algae blooms.

“I think it’s absolutely a critical piece in terms of a larger comprehensive way, and a larger comprehensive solution to deal with what happened in Lake Erie,” says Lesicko.

Ford Begins Production Of New Engines In Cleveland

Mar 6, 2015
Ford Motor Company

Ford says it is starting production of two new engines at its plant in Cleveland.

The company said Friday that production is beginning at the plant on the 2.0-liter and 2.3-liter EcoBoost engines for vehicles built in North America. It will mark the first time those engines have been built in the U.S. They previously were built in Valencia, Spain.

Tom Borgerding / WOSU News

A combination of stagnant funding and changing technology is putting pressure on a decades old service for Central Ohio’s blind community. VOICEcorps is searching for ways to maintain services for the visually impaired.

At Mike and Julie Russell’s Clintonville home, the sound of VOICEcorps is nearly constant.

The Russell’s have been married 17 years. Both are blind. They depend on the radio reading service for entertainment, community and consumer news and emergency information.

Central Ohio To Get New 380 Area Code In Existing 614 Region

Mar 4, 2015
JonJon2K8 (flickr)

Central Ohioans will see a new 380 area code introduced because the available phone numbers for the existing 614 code are expected to run out next year.

Regulators plan to use both codes for the same geographic area, meaning even local phone calls eventually will require dialing the full 10-digit number. The so-called “overlay” plan was approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio years ago, in 2001.


The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday challenging whether the federal government can pay subsidies to people in Ohio and other states that don’t have state-created health insurance marketplaces set up after the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s landmark health insurance law.

So what could the ruling mean for Ohio?