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Opioid Addiction And Stigma

Aug 16, 2019

The public perception of opioid addiction and the reality for addiction victims, their families and loved ones often stand in stark contrast. Stigma is the problem.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher: the opioid crisis and the role of stigma. 

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A clerk reaches for a container of marijuana buds for a customer at Utopia Gardens, a medical marijuana dispensary, in Detroit, on Oct. 2, 2018.
Carlos Osorio / Associated Press

An Ohio Medical Board committee has decided not to recommend adding anxiety and autism spectrum disorder to the state's list of qualifying conditions for purchasing medical marijuana.

ADAMH / Facebook

The Columbus Area Integrated Health Services closed last spring, leaving hundreds without care on the Near East Side. Soon they’ll have a new option for health services.

It's a common problem for many older adults. You may have more than one doctor and each prescribes a different drug for a different illness. Before you know it, you're taking multiple medications and start feeling tired, dizzy or nauseous. Your doctor interprets that as a new symptom for a new disease and prescribes yet another drug.

Disparities In Mental Health Services

Aug 15, 2019
Broadly Gender Spectrum Collection

For 50 years, the now-defunct Columbus Area Integrated Health Services served the near east side of Columbus and its largely African-American community.

When the agency closed shop in the spring, hundreds of people who had relied on its services were left with few options. Two other agencies have joined forces to fill the void, but the impact illustrates a historic disparity in mental health services for black people. 

Today on All Sides, we talk about the history and how Columbus organizations are working to address the problem of disparities in mental health services. 

Empty Bin Zero Waste

Ohio’s first zero-waste store is now open for business. The Canton store sells reusable items to replace single-use disposables like straws, facial wipes and sandwich bags.

Emphysema is considered a smoker's disease. But it turns out, exposure to air pollution may lead to the same changes in the lung that give rise to emphysema.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Invasive Asian Carp may pose a greater threat to the Great Lakes than previously feared, according to a new report from the University of Michigan.

It’s the middle of summer but Harrisburg Middle School is a hive of activity. Between summer school classes and renovations, it’s a little chaotic for counselor Brett Rawlings, who just wrapped up his first year at the school.

Harrisburg is a town of fewer than 300 people, midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. But the school also serves the surrounding area, which is primarily farmland. As the K-8 counselor, Rawlings is responsible for some 400 students, and he deals with a range of issues.

Opponents of Ohio's new energy law are rewriting language that they were going to take to voters to reject a nuclear power bailout. This comes after Attorney General Dave Yost denied their first attempt at summarizing the initiative. 

In a move that critics say will hurt plants, animals and other species as they face mounting threats, the Trump administration is making major changes to how the Endangered Species Act is implemented. The U.S. Department of Interior on Monday announced a suite of long-anticipated revisions to the nation's premier wildlife conservation law, which is credited with bringing back the bald eagle and grizzly bears, among other species.

A group therapy room at SUN Behavioral Health.
SUN Behavioral Health

SUN Behavioral Health opens an in-patient adolescent facility in North Columbus on Monday.