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House Vote Nears On Ohio Charter School Changes

Mar 26, 2015
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A bill cracking down on low-performing Ohio charter schools and imposing a host of new accountability standards on sponsors could hit the House floor before lawmakers leave for spring break.

A vote may come Thursday, following approval Wednesday by a House committee.

Reforming Ohio’s Charter School Oversight

Mar 11, 2015
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Ohio charter schools are here to stay, but the way they are governed is changing. Last week, state auditor Dave Yost told lawmakers that the system overseeing charters is broken.

This hour we’ll take a closer look at proposed measures meant to increase transparency and accountability of these publicly funded, privately governed schools.

Cincinnati Archdiocese To Tweak Contract's Morality Clauses

Mar 10, 2015

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati plans to update language in its teachers’ contract following a committee’s suggestions on its morality clauses.

Archdiocese spokesman Dan Andriacco tells the Cincinnati Enquirer that the tweaked language in the contract will clarify what is expected of employees. The clarifications come after last year’s contract sparked protests for its language prohibiting “homosexual lifestyles,” abortion, artificial insemination and public support for any of those causes.

Ohio's Public Universities Owe $6.5 Billion In Debt

Mar 7, 2015
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Ohio’s 14 public universities owe $6.5 billion for debt mostly created by what some education experts call unnecessary campus building booms.

College officials say they have been constructing necessary facilities. But some higher education experts say universities have gone on unnecessary spending sprees to lure students to their campuses.

Teachers At Columbus Charter School Vote To Unionize

Mar 6, 2015
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Teachers at a Columbus charter high school have narrowly voted to form a union. But the election outcome is contested.

Teachers at Franklinton Preparatory Academy on Chicago Avenue, voted 5 to 4 to join the state’s largest teachers union, the Ohio Education Association. If the vote withstands a challenge, Franklinton Prep would become the first of Ohio’s 370 charter schools to unionize.


Nearly all incoming freshmen at Ohio State will soon have to be fully vaccinated.

OSU says beginning in the fall, all first-year students who attend at least half-time with one on-campus course will have to be fully vaccinated. OSU says new students will be required to submit proof of vaccinations, and any students who don’t will have a hold placed on their account.

Teacher Jailed For Showing High School Class Violent Movie

Mar 5, 2015
Columbus City Schools

A former substitute teacher convicted of showing a movie including graphic sex and violence to a Columbus high school class has been sentenced to 90 days in jail.

A jury convicted Sheila Kearns of four felony counts in January. Kearns apologized in court Wednesday, saying she hadn’t watched the movie before showing it to her Spanish classes at Columbus’ East High School in April 2013.

The movie is called “The ABCs of Death” and consists of 26 chapters, each depicting some form of grisly death, such as “E is for Exterminate.”

Ohio Won't Withhold School Funding For Those Skipping Tests

Mar 4, 2015
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Ohio’s superintendent says the state won’t withhold funding to penalize schools for students opting out of standardized tests this year.

A growing number of parents are letting kids skip mandated exams amid complaints that new testing linked to the Common Core standards is too time-consuming and that the preparation distracts from deeper learning.

CCAD President Steps Down After Brief Tenure

Mar 3, 2015
Columbus College of Art & Design

The Columbus College of Art and Design will begin a new search to fill the president’s position. The school announced Tuesday that President Tom White was stepping down immediately.

The "Parent Trigger" and Columbus Schools

Sep 25, 2014

10 am

One in five Columbus city schools qualifies for a parent takeover. This is according to the “parent trigger,” which allows parents to overhaul chronically under-performing schools--but only in Columbus. We’ll look into the origins of the measure and discuss what happens to students, teachers and administrators if parents decide it’s time for a change.


10 am

As Reynoldsburg teachers fight continue to battle with the school board over changes to benefits and pay, we'll take a close look at how teaching in the U.S. became so controversial. We'll get an update on local tensions, and examine how we got from genteel 19th century common schools to one-room frontier schools to the Teach for America program and beyond.


Improving the Student-Teacher Connection

Aug 21, 2014

11 am

Despite the struggles over education in the US, most people agree teachers can have an enormous impact; the harder question is what makes them great. This hour we'll examine practical steps that can build trust among teachers and students, and how collaboration and peer-observations might be the key to improving the quality of education.