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Columbus Mayor Responds To Redflex Investigation

Jun 23, 2015
Michael Coleman
WOSU / Columbus on the Record

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Tuesday afternoon, said he has handed over documents to federal investigators looking into pay-to-play allegations involving city elected officials and a red light camera company. 

Columbus Police

The manhunt is on for Robert Lee James, a 27-year-old man charged in last weekend's four shootin deaths in North Columbus. Police are sifting through tips from the community to help solve what's being called a "horrific crime." 

Teen Likely To Be Tried As Adult In Quadruple Homicide

Jun 15, 2015
Franklin County Auditor

The 16 year old accused in a quadruple homicide over the weekend will likely be tried as an adult.  

Ohio Supreme Court
Flickr / Creative Commons

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected a wrongful imprisonment claim from an ex-offender who sued after the sex offender registration law he violated was declared unconstitutional.

Supreme Court Rejects No-Contact Order As Part Of Sentence

Jun 3, 2015
Ohio Supreme Court
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The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected the imposition of a victim no-contact order along with a prison sentence, saying the two punishments can't be handed down for the same crime.

Former State Representative Peter Beck could face years in prison after being convicted Tuesday morning on 13 of 38 criminal charges against him.

Anna Schiffbauer
Student Press Law Center

An Otterbein University graduate who sued for access to on campus police records, while working at a student-run news website won her case yesterday before the Ohio Supreme Court. 

Ohio Supreme Court
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A divided Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that private colleges' police departments are subject to the state's open records law.

Lawmakers Look for Ways to Reform Criminal Sentencing in Ohio

May 20, 2015
Ohio Supreme Court
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While much of the focus is still on the budget, Ohio lawmakers are working on many other issues they’d like to address before summer break. Some legislators are taking a serious look at reforming the state’s criminal sentencing structure.