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Esther Honig / WOSU

On a Wednesday afternoon a group of 50 kids file into the large gymnasium at the Dodge Recreation Center, located on the city’s west side. The sounds of laughter and sneakers echo off the high ceilings. These kids are of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, but the majority are Cambodian.

Esther Honig / WOSU

At the Columbus Police academy, Sergeant Duane Nicholson, walks down the linoleum lined halls. He opens the door to the staff breakroom and shows me the class of 2016. There’s a wall lined with a photo of each of the 39 students. Six are women and five men of color. Nicholson says this a good sign.

Wexner Center for the Arts
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While art museums have their own collections, they heavily depend on lenders for exhibits. A gallery owner, who had artwork on loan when a man damaged dozens of pieces at The Wexner Center for the Arts, fears these kinds of incidents will stymie lending. WOSU sat down with two Columbus arts leaders to talk about the future of museum lending.

Barber Chris Turner
Courtesy of Chris Turner

This week Pop Columbus waxes up its mustache, slicks back its hair, and heads down to Turner's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor for a talk with Chris Turner about classic style and a day in the life of a barber.

The competitors in the 2016 Oscars race were announced Thursday, in an event that was live-streamed from California. The winners will be announced on Feb. 28.

Prison Inmates Get Voices Heard Through Choir

Jan 13, 2016
Becca Shall, courtesy of Cathy Roma

UBUNTU choir is a group of men who are prisoners at the Madison Correctional Institution in London, a few minutes outside Columbus. The choir’s been recording its first album—and one prisoner is the composer of many of the songs. 

Ohio State University's student government has voted in support of ending the Mirror Lake jump after a student broke his neck and died while participating in the campus tradition last week.

Arts Museum At Ohio State Reopens

Dec 2, 2015
Wexner Center for the Arts
Richie Diesterheft / Flickr Creative Commons

After a three-day closure, The Wexner Center for the Arts is set to re-open today, according to local news sources. Former Ohio State University employee Dean Sturgis damaged the After Picasso exhibit before taking his own life. The exhibit is permanently closed.


Pop culture in Central Ohio is the focus of WOSU's new podcast "Pop Columbus", which explores everything from mustache wax, to craft beer, to tattoo'd soccer moms.

A huge and violent police operation in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris is over. At least two people are dead and eight people were arrested, in an operation that authorities say stopped a terrorist cell that could have attacked again.

According to François Molins, chief prosecutor of France, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who police believe orchestrated the attacks on Paris, may have been in one of the apartments targeted by the raid.

In this episode of Pop Columbus, host Eric French gets tattoo’d while he and co-host Sean Edgar talk about the evolution of tattoos in American culture.

All Sides Weekend: The Harmony Project

Nov 13, 2015
Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a non-profit organization created to connect communities across social divides through art, education, and volunteerism. It provides opportunities for individuals of different cultures, religions, ages, affiliations, and orientations to work together to build a stronger community. Join Classical 101 host Christopher Purdy for a discussion about the project and how it creates new communities across social and cultural divides.

Backyard Farm Animals: You Need A Permit For That Cow

Nov 12, 2015

Amid a growing number of complaints, Columbus Public Health plans to hold a public hearing tonight to look at possible changes to the way backyard farm animals are regulated within city limits.