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Elliot Kesse has had body image issues for as long as they could remember. Kesse was assigned female at birth and uses they/them pronouns.


Winter is almost here and so is norovirus, the leading cause of stomach illness in the U.S.


Often mistaken for salmonella or the flu, norovirus can survive on surfaces for days, but there are ways to prevent the stomach bug this season.


Today on Wellness Wednesday, norovirus prevention, how to relax with yoga and more.

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Elementary school children in Delaware are using the discipline of yoga to work on developing habits for promoting healthy lungs.

But yoga is also good for learning everything from exercise skills to mindfulness.

Today on Wellness Wednesday on All Sides with Ann Fisher: yoga for children and more.

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Lauren Greenspan leads three students through Lancaster High School’s noisy hallways to an inconspicuous building next to the main school.

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Fear, depression and other psychological dilemmas can all affect a patient’s ability to stop overeating and start a healthier lifestyle. With overeating contributing to more than 10% of the world’s population suffering from obesity, doctors and healthcare providers are looking for new ways to help their patients defeat overeating.  

Coming up, we're talking about overeating, how yoga can help back pain, and more fitness tips. 

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Today is the last Monday in June and the last Classical 101 "Ohm" Monday of the series. For the occasion, we have once again teamed up with Yoga on High for a special yoga pose sequence complete with music that spans centuries. This "Ohm" Monday is all about time.

Yoga on High

Yesterday, millions of yogis celebrated the first International Yoga Day so today's "Ohm" Monday is a special collaboration with the teachers at Yoga on High.

These professional yogis have made a special Classical 101 Energizing Sequence for you to download and practice along with a dynamic playlist. Let's enjoy this beautiful "Ohm" Monday!

11:00 Look at the nutrition label on a pint of ice cream, and you'll see it contains four servings. But has anyone eaten just one serving? This hour we'll talk about the FDA's new proposed food labels, which include more realistic serving size info, and a host of other changes. We'll also learn about yoga as medicine, and how to communicate with an MD. Guests

Yoga in America in the 21st Century

Jul 11, 2012

11:00 On this hour of All Sides, we're talking about yoga in the 21st century, how it has affected American culture and how American culture has changed how yoga is practiced. Guests