YMCA's Camp Willson has been canceled for four weeks for the first time.
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Ohio day camps can resume operations this week, as part of the state’s gradual reopening during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, the YMCA of Central Ohio will wait until June 15.

Debbie Holmes

Revenue losses for the YMCA of Central Ohio have led to the layoff of nearly 2,000 workers. Most locations closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer camp directors across the Tri-State are in limbo. As the economy slowly reopens, they're anxiously awaiting directives from state leaders about how or if they'll be able to operate this summer.

Downtown Columbus
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Three weeks since the city of Columbus announced it was working with community organizations to open a coronavirus-specific homeless shelter, and the shelter remains mostly empty. It’s meant to help keep people diagnosed with COVID-19 away from others, and leaders are preparing for an influx.

Downtown Columbus
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Columbus city officials on Tuesday announced plans for a new homeless shelter that will house people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

YMCA of Central Ohio is closing its downtown building and moving out 400 residents over the course of several years.
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Hundreds of residents at the YMCA of Central Ohio will be placed in new accommodations over the next few years as the organization leaves its current downtown building at 40 W. Long Street.

A collection of community service groups is hoping they can get a tax break from the state with the help of a new bill. The measure would boost gyms like the YMCA.

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A new study suggests that "bromances," or male friendships, are important to men's health. And, new research reveals that the common idea of a "midlife crisis" is a rarer occurrence than previously believed. Also, with more than 80 million Americans who have pre-diabetes, programs like the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program have helped many of these people at risk. Now, there is a plan to expand Medicare to cover similar programs across the country.