workers compensation

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation building in downtown Columbus.
Dan Konik / Ohio Public Radio

Employers could be getting a big rebate if the Board of Directors for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approves it.

Karen Kasler

The Senate is now considering a proposal that would ban undocumented workers from receiving workers’ compensation if they’re injured on the job. The measure passed the House, but not without a heated debate between two fiery lawmakers.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

May 22, 2017
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus
Alexander Smith / Wikimedia Commons

A new bill was introduced that would reduce the penalties for carrying a concealed handgun in safe-zone areas. Currently, carrying a concealed weapon in certain areas, such as universities, police stations and school safety zones may result in a fine and possible jail time. The new bill would eliminate those penalties for citizens who have a concealed carry permit and bring their gun to a gun-free zone. 

Today we discuss this, Ohio's online harassment ban, the state's economy, worker's compensation and the latest in state and national news. 


Many businesses around the state could soon be getting a big rebate from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.