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Minority-And-Women-Owned Business In Columbus

Aug 8, 2019

Columbus officials announced plans to increase its work with minority-and women-owned businesses after conducting a study of its relationships with diverse partnerships.

The study concluded that black men and women are still underrepresented in city contracts for construction and professional services, which include fields such as law and architecture.

Today on All Sides, the state of minority-and women-owned businesses and how the city is addressing the issue. 

Women In Prison

Jun 14, 2019

Incarceration rates have been decling-but not for women. The number of women in U.S prisons has increased since 1990, making rate of incarceration for women twice that of men.

This increase across the U.S and Ohio is accused to the opiod crisis which correelates to addiction-realted crimes. Still many women fight with addiction, mental and other health related issues.

Today on All Sides, the problem of women in prison and new solutions to respond.

Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility / Wikimedia Commons

Columbus Police is hosting its first women’s recruitment webinar Tuesday as part of a push to increase the division’s diversity.

A New Approach For Women In Prison

May 30, 2019
Paige Pfleger / WOSU

The number of women in U.S. prisons has more than doubled since 1990. And the rate of incarceration for women is twice that of men.

Much of the increase is in Ohio and across the country is blamed on the opioid crisis, which has spurred a surge in addiction-related crime. And many incarcerated women still struggle with addiction, mental and other health issues.

Today on All Sides, the problem of women in prison and new approaches to respond.  

The Women's Suffrage Movement

May 8, 2019
Congressional member Joyce Beatty helps hold sign.
Jo Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

One hundred years ago, Congress passed the 19th amendment, securing women’s suffrage in the United States. 

Women make up nearly a fourth of U.S. Congress and 25 percent of state legislators today are female, but women still remain largely invisible in history, from statuary to currency

Today on All Sides, how women’s suffrage came to be and the role women play in U.S. history. 

Ohio Sports Figures

Apr 15, 2019
Fast Break: The Legendary John McLendon

Ohio athletes LeBron James, Archie Griffin and Jesse Owens ring a bell. Each has been a legend in his own time. 

But what about Alta Weiss and John McClendon?

We talk about the history of sports in Ohio and the athletes, from superstars to barrier breakers. 

Today on All Sides, Ohio sports figures, their stories, and significance.

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That is not one small step for women.

History was supposed to be made Friday when, for the first time, two female astronauts were scheduled to do a spacewalk together outside the International Space Station. However, one of the astronauts was switched out this week because of a lack of "spacesuit availability."

Women In Sports

Feb 4, 2019

For almost every all-male sports team, there’s a female counterpart.

The more well-known women’s teams include USA’s Women’s Hockey team or soccer, but success on the field doesn’t come with the same money and recognition as male teams.

Today on All Sides, women in sports, the impact on and off the field.


Ohio governor candidates Democratic Richard Cordray and Republican Mike DeWine speak to reporters following their third debate at Cleveland State University.
Angelo Merendino / AP

Since President Trump took office, thousands of Ohio women have taken to the White House and the Statehouse, advocating for abortion rights, equal pay and lambasting what they see as misogyny in government policies.

The slogan “Remember in November” became one of their rallying cries. But will they?

The warden at the women's prison in Iowa recently instructed her corrections officers to stop giving out so many disciplinary tickets for minor violations of prison rules, like when a woman wears her sweatshirt inside out or rolls up her sleeves.

It's a small thing. But it's also part of a growing movement to reconsider the way women are treated in prison.

When Monica Cosby, Tyteanna Williams and Celia Colon talk about the years they spent as inmates at women's prisons in Illinois, their stories often turn to the times they would be disciplined for what seemed like small, even absurd things.

Cosby was playing Scrabble in her cell once when a guard asked what she was doing. She responded sarcastically: "What does it look like I'm doing?" He wrote her up for "contraband" (the Scrabble set) and for "insolence."

Murphy Brown

Sep 13, 2018
Courtesy of CBS

The late-80’s hit television series “Murphy Brown” makes its way back to primetime this fall. Centered on the life of a top female broadcast journalist with a knack for calling out hypocrisy and sparking controversy, the show won five Emmy awards over the course of 10 seasons.

The Federal Election Commission has ruled that federal candidates can use campaign funds to pay for child care costs that result from time spent running for office.

On Thursday, the FEC ruled unanimously, 4-0, in favor of New York Democratic House candidate Liuba Grechen Shirley.

There's already a record number of women running for House seats and governorships in 2018 — and women Senate candidates are on track to break records as well.

On the first big night of the 2018 primaries this week, those women fared particularly well.