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whitney lancaster

A woman has pleaded not guilty to charges of filing a false misconduct report against Columbus Police Vice officer Whitney Lancaster.

Carla Hoover, a former dancer at the strip club Kahoots, says she was forced out of the industry by Columbus Police.
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A billboard advertising the strip club Kahoots hovers over Henderson Road on the edge of Upper Arlington. It features pink lettering, and a woman whose eyes look directly at passerby.

This is where Carla Hoover says she used to dance before being forced out of the industry.

Six former workers at Kahoots strip club in northwest Columbus say they were unjustly arrested by Columbus Police Vice officers.
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

Six former workers at Kahoots strip club in northwest Columbus have filed a federal lawsuit against two Columbus Police Vice officers, saying they were unjustly arrested.

At a rally last year, a protester holds up a picture of Donna Castleberry, who was shot and killed in the undercover car of former Vice officer Andrew Mitchell in August 2018.
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The future of Columbus Police is uncertain following the end of the Vice Unit. One former officer, Andrew Mitchell, faces federal and state charges. Two other officers have been relieved of duty. While the department and FBI continue their investigations, the city has launched a nationwide search for a new police chief.

Below is a timeline of major events in the case so far. This post will be updated as more information develops.

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Columbus Police's Vice Unit will resume limited operations, the department announced Friday, one day after relieving a third Vice officer of duty.