Heavy precipitation is erasing years of extremely dry conditions in parts of California, with the latest federal report showing that just over 51 percent of the state remains in drought — and no areas have the worst rating, "exceptional drought."

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A 10-year-old Columbus student says "God put it on my heart" to organize a bottled water drive for victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis.


For her efforts, Mackenzie Lewis was honored Thursday with a Governor's Humanitarian Award at the Ohio Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Holiday Commemorative Celebration. 

A year ago, Flint, Mich., Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency because of lead-contaminated drinking water, attracting national outrage and sympathy, and millions of gallons of donated water.

But a year later donations have slowed to a trickle, and little has changed — unfiltered water here is still unsafe to drink.


An effort to boost Flint amid the city's crisis with lead-tainted water is getting a $25 million commitment that includes loans and specialized mortgage financing from Huntington Bank.

Ohio's environmental agency leader says federal rules on lead in drinking water need a complete overhaul.

SEBRING, Ohio (AP) - Regulators say lead levels in tap water have been below the federal allowable limit in 96 percent of the samples tested this past week in a northeast Ohio village.

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 A Columbus city official says protective measures are in place to prevent any water contamination from lead, like what occurred in Flint, Michigan.

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Some cities and towns are pushing back against new water testing rules proposed by the Ohio EPA. The state environmental agency wants local water supplies tested weekly for algae. Some water authorities have complained that the testing is too costly and too frequent.


The first of two test cases that could potentially help settle more than 3,500 similar lawsuits against chemical giant DuPont has begun in Ohio federal court.

Western Drought Shifts Economic Power To Great Lakes States

Aug 13, 2015
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Much of the western United State remains mired in drought. While those states might not have much water, Ohio and other Great Lakes states are flush with fresh water, and that’s changing power dynamics and the region’s economic influence. 

Budget Amendment Lets People Mow Reservoir Buffers

Jul 7, 2015
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An amendment to the next state budget lets people mow and remove natural buffers to reservoirs, even if the buffer zone is owned by the local city. 

Fertilizer, Algae and Our Water

Jan 9, 2014

11:00 Tap water tasting odd? Columbus is spending $600,000 to treat algae in water from the Hoover Reservoir. Though this algae is believed to be safe for consumption,  the farm fertilizer runoff producing algal blooms is causing changes to our ecosystem. This hour we'll get an update on filtration efforts, and talk about a program designed to curb nutrient runoff. Guests