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Nationwide Children's Hospital plans to develop a care center dedicated to mental health and wellness for children, adolescents and teens. We'll look at how design and architecture play a key role in the development of these types of facilities. Also new studies give a clue as to what causes that sudden weight gain during menopause. 

Senior Airman Shane Karp / U.S National Guard

After the deadliest mass shooting in American history took place at a gay nightclub in Orlando, many in the area waited in lines to donate blood. Still, gay men continue to be banned from giving blood, prompting some to re-examine the rule. Also, many Americans use vitamins, but are unsure exactly how they work or should be taken. And, according to a new study from Johns Hopkins University, one in five people who are prescribed highly addictive painkillers share them with others. 

11:00 Options for avoiding bugs may seem limited: Stay inside or submit to a panoply of dangerous chemicals. This hour we'll learn which repellents are effective, and which do more harm than good. We'll also hear from a doctor who says vitamins and supplements are costing Americans their money and health, and get the facts on Legionnaires' Disease. Guest