visual art

color photo of Derek Bermel holding a pencil and sitting with a musical score
publicity photo / courtesy of Derek Bermel

It was a fateful trip to the art museum.

That trip decades ago, when Derek Bermel was just a kid - long before he became an award-winning composer and clarinetist -  that has landed Bermel on the list of Grammy Award nominees.

color photo of some of the artwork in the Visionaries exhibition on display in the Carnegie Gallery
Jennifer Hambrick / WOSU Public Media

Libraries have always been hubs for fostering literacy with written texts. This summer, the Columbus Main Library Carnegie Gallery’s exhibition of visual works by central Ohio art educators will highlight the educational and cultural importance of the link between visual and text literacies.

All Sides Weekend: Aminah Robinson And Art

Feb 15, 2019
Shellee Fischer Davis for the Wexner Center

Join All Sides Weekend host Clare Roth for a discussion about African American visual artists in Columbus and their impact on the modern-day arts scene.

small white cross in the lower right corner, before a backrop of Montana hills and open sky
Robert Falcone

Somewhere in Montana along U.S. Route 191, near Yellowstone National Park, a small white cross marks the site of a deadly car accident. This cross and others like it have haunted Columbus physician and artist Robert Falcone for nearly two decades, raising  questions about the fragility of life and the possibility of an afterlife. Now, Falcone, Columbus composer Richard Smoot and the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus wrestle with these questions together in an installation of original art and music currently on display at the Columbus College of Art and Design's Beeler Gallery.