Virtual Reality

Tech Tuesday: Dreamscape And Virtual Reality

Mar 3, 2020
Dreamscape at the AMC Easton in Columbus.

Dreamscape, a new virtual reality experience, opened at the AMC in Easton Towne Center over the weekend.

Tech Tuesday: VR, Farm Simulator And More

Jan 29, 2019
Gabriel.gagne / Wikimedia Commons

Esports, competitive video game playing, is a sport that’s caught the attention of colleges and teams around the world.

While most games involve fantasy-based competition, one new esport involves agriculture.

Farm Simulator is a life simulation game where players take care of a farm, making bales of hay, planting, and cleaning equipment.

But is it an esport?

Today on All Sides, esports, virtual reality and more.


Tech Tuesday: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

Oct 9, 2018
Artificial Intelligence
geralt / Pixabay

Artificial Intelligence, or Al, is changing the way we think about news and technology. A newly developed software using audio clips to create fake video renderings was debuted last year.

Then, earlier this year, comedian Jordan Peele teamed up with BuzzFeed to create a video, using this AI program, of President Barack Obama making some implausible comments.

The video highlights concerns concerned the capabilities of AI, and what this could mean for the recurring topic of “fake news.”

Today on All Sides Tech Tuesday, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.


Ahead of the midterm elections, Facebook and other social media platforms are cracking down on fraudulent users and groups that could be part of election meddling. 

A pair of Barberton High School students test their virtual reality technology.
Ashton Marra / ideastream

Teachers and professors have been working for decades to integrate the latest technologies from computers to laptops to tablets for reading electronic textbooks. Now immersive technology is being tested for application in the classroom.

Supporters say it could change the face of education, but only if educations can push students beyond the exhilaration of a virtual world and into real-life learning.

What's missing for customers who've embraced the online shopping experience is the ability to try on clothing and try out items before buying them. Enter virtual reality (VR) and big investments by Walmart, Amazon, Ikea and others.

Jon Lim / Flickr

Can schools teaching coding keep up with industry and tech demands? Today we'll look at what's changed for these programs and their students. Also get insider advice on the latest gadgets on the markets for kids and adults alike.

coding on a laptop
StockSnap / Pixabay

Many emerging technologies are implementing machine learning to get large tasks done without having to program specifically for those tasks.

This is a problem when the data used to "teach" a machine has a blind spot, or contains bias. When that data is pulled from the internet, it will almost certainly contain bias unless it is corrected by programmers. This can cause the output of programs using machine learning to have racial, gender and other biases commonly found on the internet.

Media coverage of tragedy — terrorist attacks, homelessness, the refugee crisis — can be so overwhelming it's numbing. Charities say it can also make it harder to get support.

Some are hoping a new form of media will be more persuasive — virtual reality or VR, which they think makes people more empathetic.

Tech Tuesday: Year in Review

Dec 20, 2016
TheDigitalWay / pixabay

This year one of the biggest tech issues facing both the government and private citizens was cybersecurity. Today we'll discuss the DNC hacking, the Note 7 failure and the future of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 

Lucélia Ribeiro / Wikimedia Commons

Today at 11am

Natural disasters and terror attacks seem to be a constant headline.  In these emergency situations, there are a few apps that could keep us connected if other, more traditional, methods fail.  Also, some tips on how to raise children with access to and understanding of the digital world. And, a look at some upcoming tech items, including a cellphone, virtual reality and a video chat app.

Wikimedia Commons

With recent hacking issues, some wonder how vulnerable computer systems will be during the U.S. election and what security measures are in place to deal with any potential threats. Also, a new study finds that sexualization of women in video games is decreasing. And, virtual reality is being taken more seriously by the U.S. government, as a panel met on Capitol Hill last week to discuss the potential uses of the technology. 

Maurizio Pesce / Flickr

Many forgo HIV testing because of the stigma attached to having the disease. Recently, Prince Harry was tested on Facebook Live, hoping to ease the stigma and bring attention to the need for testing. Also, some studies show virtual reality helps medical patient's pain levels decrease significantly. And, with temperatures rising, there is greater need for nutritious summer appropriate meal planning. 


Facebook is changing how it prioritizes what you see on you news feed now, with more posts by people you know appearing. Also, a new study shows why internet access doesn't necessarily mean more democracy around the world. And, how virtual reality experiences are evolving to look more realistic. 


E-cigarettes are popular among teenagers, but now the Food and Drug Administration is making the purchase of them illegal to anyone under eighteen years old. Also, researchers are exploring the use of virtual reality to help detect sport concussions. And, new research is discovering how much exercise is enough to get results and whether or not exercise trumps nutrition when it comes to preventing obesity.