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Franklin County Commissioners vote Tuesday on raising rates for sewer and water customers. 

AEP Will Send Customers Some Savings From Federal Tax Cut

Oct 4, 2018
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Ohio utility regulators have approved an agreement returning proceeds of the federal tax cut to customers of Columbus-based AEP.


Ohio's utility commission is launching an exploration of prospective high-tech improvements to the state's electricity grid and what regulatory and policy changes are needed to capitalize on them.


Columbus based utility, American Electric Power, has agreed to sell four of its power plants; 3 in Ohio to private-equity firms.

State officials, utilities and other groups have worked on deregulating the energy market in Ohio for more than a decade. Now two major utility companies want to go back toward re-regulation after the feds nixed their temporary rate hike plan. 

Critics Say FirstEnergy Plans Will Cost Customers In The Long Run

May 11, 2015
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Supporters and opponents of a plan from FirstEnergy say it will cost customers more for the first three years, but that's where the agreement ends.