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The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal involving Upper Arlington and a local Christian school trying to move into a building zoned for commercial use.

An artistic rendering of the planned Upper Arlington High School. A historic African-American cemetery sits below the parking lot.
Upper Arlington School District

Construction on the new Upper Arlington High School was set to start in April, but concerns over an African-American cemetery buried beneath the campus have the school district confronting the community's past.

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Earlier this month, Columbus City Council approved an ordinance allowing the city to buy a 57-acre plot of land known as the "sheep farm" from The Ohio State University. The city planned to sell parcels to Dublin City Schools and Upper Arlington.

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Police say a body has been found in an Upper Arlington park under what authorities believe to be foul play.

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Sometimes an incident is different than what it appears. Take this case, as described by Upper Arlington Criminal Justice Program administrator Joe Roush.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, affecting tens of millions of people in the United States. But getting help for children who have it in public school can be a nightmare.

"They wouldn't acknowledge that he had a problem," says Christine Beattie about her son Neil. "They wouldn't say the word 'dyslexia.' "

Other parents, she says, in the Upper Arlington, Ohio, schools were having the same problem. The district in a suburb of Columbus wasn't identifying their children's dyslexia or giving them appropriate help.

The Fight Against Dyslexia

Nov 21, 2017
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A local school district finds itself, it's students and parents at the center of the debate on dyslexia. Coming up we look at the learning disability and how schools approach it.

Columbus has agreed to pay more than $37,000 to the owners of one of more than two dozen homes damaged last year when a home exploded after a gas leak.


Four Upper Arlington city council members will keep their jobs after surviving a recall election.

Northam Park Sign in Upper Arlington, Ohio
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Voters in Upper Arlington go to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to oust four members of the seven-member city council.  A group of residents believes the council misled voters who passed a 2014 tax increase.  Plans to redevelop a city park with the new tax money touched off the recall effort.

Upper Arlington Community

Authorities say a boy was injured when he was run over by a float during a Fourth of July parade in central Ohio.

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Four of Upper Arlington’s seven city council members might face a recall election.  On Friday a group of residents submitted 3,000 petition signatures to the county board of elections.  The group wants answers about the city’s Northam Park redevelopment plans. 

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If all goes according to plan, the city of Upper Arlington will hand over 9-1-1 dispatching services to the city of Columbus in early 2017.  Officials in Upper Arlington have said the move would save their city as much as $600,000 annually.  But there’s opposition to the plan by some UA residents.

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