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Police in Marysville say two people have been taken to a local hospital after a train derailed Tuesday morning.


Many have trouble keeping up with their inbox clutter, leading some companies to create improved email formats, or to get rid of emails altogether. And with the quickly changing auto industry, from Uber to self-driving cars, questions are being raised about the future of transportation. Join us this hour to discuss the future of emails, transportation and tech gadgets. 

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It's a late Christmas gift for people parking in downtown Columbus: The city says a glitch rendered downtown parking meters inoperable, so parking enforcement officers are making all downtown metered parking spots free for the day.

Buckeye Lake
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The Ohio Department of Transportation is installing highway signs advertising some of the businesses that are remaining open while a deteriorated dam and low water keeps tourists away.

Ohio Leaders Spend Nearly $10 Million For New Planes

Apr 30, 2015

The governor and other state leaders have two new aircraft for traveling around Ohio on official business.

Ohio Governor Vetoes Voter Item In Bill; Impact Unclear

Apr 1, 2015
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The governor has used his line-item-veto pen to strike a provision that Democrats claimed would discourage out-of-state college students from voting in Ohio.

Democrats Urge Veto Of Portion Of $7B Transportation Budget

Mar 26, 2015
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The state’s transportation budget is headed to the governor amid criticism from Democrats who claim a portion of the bill would discourage out-of-state college students in Ohio from voting in the swing state.

Senators OK Transportation Bill, Minus 75-MPH Speed Limit

Mar 25, 2015
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State senators have passed Ohio’s transportation budget after a committee dropped a proposal that would have raised the speed limit to 75 mph on certain rural freeways and the turnpike.

The $7 billion spending blueprint cleared the Senate on a unanimous vote Wednesday. The House planned a Thursday vote.

The State of Ohio's Roads and Bridges

Apr 29, 2014

10:00 Ohio residents have struggled through a tough winter and a brutal pothole season. A new study found 40% of Ohio's roads are in poor or mediocre condition, but fixing them comes at a steep cost.  As construction on roads and bridges ramps up, we'll take a look at what needs fixing and how our state ranks against the nation. Guests

Ohio's Rail System: A Train to Fort Wayne?

Jul 30, 2013

10:00 A plan for high speed rail between Columbus and Chicago is in the works. All that's needed is time and money. A recent feasibility study says the $1.3 billion project would create millions in jobs and household income, but some small towns feel left out. This hour, we'll take a look at the major players and see if rail transport is in our future, or if that train has left the station. Guest

Transportation Funding Crisis in Ohio

Feb 1, 2012

10:00 State officials warned last summer that funding for new highway projects in Ohio was becoming scarce, but they didn't specify just how scarce. As the gas tax revenue declines annually, costs of major road projects are still climbing. But how does ODOT fix the problem? And is this happening in other states? On this hour of "All Sides," we're talking about the future in funds for ODOT. Guests

By 2030, central Ohio's population over 50 will grow an anticipated 90%. Communities have to start planning ahead. With aging populations and more residents, it's important for cities and towns to consider making their environments 'friendly' to people in all stages of life. This hour, join guest host, Steve Brown, as we talk more about planning for lifelong communities in Central Ohio. What social services and support should be provided for an aging population? How will the physical planning change in re-working street design, or zoning codes? How will work force planning function?

Lawmakers made big changes in the $7,600,000,000 Ohio Department of Transportation budget between the House and the Senate. And now, with a deadline looming before the budget needs to be passed, lawmakers are hitting some bumps on the road to reconciliation of the two budgets. Karen Kasler reports.Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.