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Letter-for-letter, no part of speech gets people more worked up than pronouns do. Linguistic history is dotted with eruptions of pronoun rage. Right now, the provocation is the gender-neutral pronouns that some nonbinary people have asked to be called by, so that they won't have to be identified as "he" or "she."

Intersex And Transgender Athletes

Jun 13, 2019

South African runner Caster Semenya for years has been at the forefront of controversy surrounding testosterone levels and athletics, most recently when the International Association of Athletics Federation ruled that female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels must lower them artificially to qualify for competition. 

Semenya battled the rule in court and has since been granted a reprieve by a Swiss Court to compete until later this month, but the future is unclear. 

Her story is central to the question of what it means to be an athlete and the role intersex and transgender athletes play in sport. 

Today on All Sides, the intersex and transgender question in athletics.  

In the last several years, many more transgender and non-binary artists have emerged onto the American cultural scene.  Recently Earlham College, 50 miles west of Dayton, held a gathering for singers called the Transgender Singing Voice Conference.  

It brought together about 200 music educators, composers and transgender and non-binary singers from all over the U.S.  

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The Supreme Court is leaving in place part of an Indiana law that mandates that aborted fetuses be buried or cremated.

The court did not take up a second part of the law that banned abortions because of fetal abnormality, the fetus's race, sex or ancestry. A lower court struck down that part of the law in addition to the burial provision. The Supreme Court, though, said it will wait for other lower court rulings before weighing in on the fetal characteristics provision.

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The federal Department of Health and Human Services is proposing to roll back an Obama-era policy intended to protect transgender people from discrimination in health care.

Lt. Col. Bree "B" Fram left a doctor's office on April 2. Presenting that day as Bryan, the name given to them at birth, B should have been relieved.

"Overall, it's a good thing," said B. "It just didn't feel great to have to do it on someone else's timeline other than my own."

"It" was an official diagnosis of gender dysphoria. As a transgender member of the military, B had to secure the diagnosis by April 12 in order to continue serving openly.

Olentangy Liberty High School

Two Olentangy Liberty High School employees have been placed on leave after controversial postings on Facebook.

Until a few years ago there was little to no research on transgender singing voice issues or tools for choral instructors to help their trans and non-binary students. A lot has changed in two years since Earlham College Adjunct Instructor Danielle Cozart Steele founded a conference to encourage research and assistance.

When Sgt. Anna Lange moved with her young family from Columbus, Ga., to the state's more rural Houston County, her main priority was being able to stay near her son.

After five years of marriage — and many more years of internal turmoil — Lange had realized that despite being assigned male at birth, she'd felt female her entire life.

She had decided to undergo gender transition and knew it would eventually end her marriage. She also knew her soon-to-be ex-wife would want to move back home to Houston County, an hour and a half's drive from Columbus.

Ohio State

A new report from the Human Rights Campaign ranks Ohio among the worst states for LGBTQ equality.

The Transgender Military Ban

Jan 29, 2019
Sgt. Brandon D. Bolick / Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court last week allowed President Donald Trump's proposed transgender military ban to go into effect. 

The justices took no stance on the legality of the ban, but the Court's decision clears the way for it to take effect as lower courts hear additional arguments. 

Today on All Sides, what the ban means for the military and LGBTQ rights. 

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LGBTQ advocates are cautiously optimistic about the future of an executive order signed by Gov. John Kasich that bars discrimination against transgender state employees.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaking at The City Club of Cleveland, in Cleveland on Dec. 4, 2018.
Tony Dejak / AP

In an executive order, Gov. John Kasich has added "gender identity" into protections against discrimination for state employees, but those protections might not last very long.

A protestor hods a sign that reads "We won't be erased" at a rally in Goodale Park on Wednesday.
Paige Pfleger / WOSU

A few hundred protestors gathered at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday to rally against the Trump administration's proposal to eliminate legal protections for transgender people.

Joseph Kirby

A federal judge says the mothers of three transgender teen boys who sued a Southwest Ohio judge over his refusal to grant name changes should have filed an appeal, not a civil complaint.