trade war

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The Trump administration announced last week that it will provide $12 billion in aid to farmers negatively impacted by his administration’s tariffs. U.S. farmers exporting their products to China and other nations have seen a loss of business after the cost of U.S. agriculture imports have risen.

Governor John Kasich criticized Trump’s plan to bailout farmers impacted by the White House’s tariffs. He said it’s “terrible, terrible policy,” because the bailout adds to the nation’s deficit. 

Political Junkie Ken Rudin

Apr 10, 2018
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President Trump has condemned the suspected chemical weapons attack that killed several people in Syria, calling it a "barbaric act." He has said that he will make a decision about a potential military response within the next two days. Russia and Syria have denied any responsibility for the attack. 

We'll also look at the Mueller investigation, a potential trade war with China, and more with the Political Junkie, Ken Rudin.

Looming Trade War with China

Apr 4, 2018
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On Monday, China retaliated against President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs with a few of their own. The Chinese government put in place a 25 percent tariff on pork products and a 15 percent tariff on agricultural products such as fruit and wine. After the White House announced more tariffs, China responded with proposed tariffs on U.S. imports in 106 categories including soybeans, a multi-billion dollar industry in Ohio.

Consequences of New Trump Tariffs

Mar 8, 2018
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President Trump has proposed sweeping new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum in a bid to lessen foreign influence on the United States. Many economists and presidential advisors warn these tariffs could negatively impact American companies if other countries fight back with sanctions of their own. 

Join us today as we discuss President Trump’s decision and the impact it could have on United States and global markets.