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Tony Vacca stands in solidarity with GM workers currently on strike outside of the Parma plant on Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2019.
Carter Adams / WKSU

Nearly four weeks into the United Auto Workers' strike against General Motors, employees are starting to feel the pinch of going without their regular paychecks. / Flickr

A woman who police said bought a shotgun and plotted a foiled domestic terror attack on an Ohio bar with her boyfriend pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

Toledo Man Pleads Guilty To Plotting Foiled Terror Attack

Aug 9, 2019 / Flickr

A man accused of plotting with his girlfriend to obtain guns and explosives for a foiled domestic terror attack pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.

How Is Ohio Changing Its Response To Sexual Violence?

Apr 1, 2019
Forensic analyst India Henry works on evidence in a sexual assault case in the biology lab at the Houston Forensic Science Center Thursday, April 2, 2015, in Houston.
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For one Ohio trafficking victim, the opening of the accredited rape crisis center at the YWCA Dayton last year proved crucial to quelling her inner demons, which lingered long after the physical pain subsided. For years, her abuser raped and beat her daily.

Lake Erie algea

In a special election Tuesday, voters in Toledo said yes to a ballot measure that amends the city charter to include a Lake Erie Bill of Rights. With about 8.9 percent turnout of eligible voters, the ordinance won approval with over 61 percent of the vote.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 26, the residents of Toledo will have the chance to vote on an unusual (some might even say radical) proposal: whether to give the fourth largest lake in the United States its own Bill of Rights. If the ballot measure passes, it would be a win for the small but growing “rights of nature” movement, which aims to deter activities that pollute the environment by granting legal rights to ecosystems.

Algae blooms on the coast of Toledo.
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In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss the upcoming ballot measure that would give Toledo citizens the ability to sue on behalf of the Lake Erie ecosystem.

Crystal Jankowski, an organizer with Toledoans for Safe Water, joins the show. 

A quick glance at the place where West Alexis and Secor roads meet in Toledo, Ohio, reveals just another intersection of concrete and capitalism: A Western Union, a gym and a chicken joint frame the flow of traffic. But out of a crack in the curb, a scrawny weed pushes forth that has come to embody a city's holiday cheer.

University of Toledo student Alyssa Emrick, 20, tells NPR that she and her family had often driven past the weed recently on their way to and from church. Then on Dec. 9, a light went off for her father, Troy.

Abortion protesters at the Ohio Statehouse.
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Abortion opponents have asked the Ohio Department of Health to consider taking action against Toledo’s only abortion clinic.

A glass of "Algae Bloom" beer at Maumee Bay Brewing Co. in Toledo. The brewery is making the green, murky beer to draw attention to the algae blooms that taint Lake Erie's water.
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There are spicy beers and even peanut butter beers, made to stand out on crowded shelves. Then there's a murky, green brew that looks a lot like algae. It's making a statement on the one ingredient brewers can't do without — clean water.

Capital Care Network of Toledo will only perform medication abortions.

The last abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio, has been granted a license allowing it to resume performing most abortions.

The city of Toledo and nearby communities have earned the dubious distinction of being the first to report outbreaks of human illness due to algae toxins in municipal drinking water, according to a report published Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Sep 18, 2017
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The Ohio Supreme Court weighs whether Toledo's only abortion clinic will be permitted to stay open. How will this case affect the future of abortion services across the state? Also, the Ohio gubernatorial race continues with a debate held in eastern Ohio between declared Democratic candidates.

In Washington, competing propositions emerge from both sides of the aisle addressing health care reform. We'll discuss these topics and more of the latest in state and national news with our panel of reporters.


For one city on Lake Erie, it's the season for monitoring toxic algae blooms – and drinking water.

In October of this year, the city of Cleveland plans to start inspecting rental properties for lead paint hazards, according to the mayor’s office. Cuyahoga County had the highest lead poisoning rate in Ohio in 2015

Two other mid-sized cities in the Great Lakes region could help show Cleveland the way. Rochester, New York, focused its efforts in places where children were most at risk. Toledo is starting to do the same.