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This week on Tech Tuesday, we'll discuss the recent uptick in Bitcoin's value and volatility and what that means for the future of the cryptocurrency. Then, navigating social media can come with a number of psychological and behavioral pitfalls in its design and use. Author Guy Harrison offers critical thinking strategies to resist misinformation and manipulation online.

Mary Kidd pops a VHS tape in the deck and rewinds. Two kids appear on the screen, dancing to music and laughing.

Kidd and her colleagues meet in this loft in Tribeca in New York City every Monday to digitize tapes like this one. The loft has racks of tape decks, oscilloscopes, vector scopes and wave-form monitors that help ensure a quality transfer from analog to digital.

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Chris Kowalski has had a rough go of it lately.

The owner and operator of Jack's Downtown Diner lost his wife to cancer in 2015. He closed the diner later that year, and when he reopened in 2016, the normally-quaint Lynn Street was a full-blown construction site.

This story was reported by Latino USA in collaboration with All Tech Considered. The audio version of this story aired earlier on Latino USA; it is embedded below.

Micaela Honorato is looking from the sidelines as boys from her after-school program take turns racing their hand-made hovercraft on a dirt field in a city park.

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When it comes to enjoying video games equally, questions about how characters are portrayed and look are raised. Also, new baby-related tech gadgets are aiming to make parents more in tune with their baby's needs. And, Verizon has bought Yahoo for over four billion dollars, hoping to make it as profitable for them as it once was. 

Tech Tuesday: Virtual Reality, Facebook Feed

Jan 5, 2016
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Virtual reality is becoming more popular and billions are being poured into the growing industry. Coming up, how the trend will continue into the new year.  And Facebook, with it's one billion daily active users, uses an algorithm to control what appears on a user's news feed. This hour, we will discuss why what does, and does not, appear matters. 

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The Department of Justice issued a new policy that now requires a search warrant before cell phone data is collected using cell-site simulators, a form of surveillance technology that secretly tracks mobile devices. Plus, how human skills will remain relevant in the workplace despite advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Tech Tuesday: Back-to-school Apps, Windows 10

Aug 11, 2015

Microsoft has recently unveiled Windows 10. The new operating system can be downloaded for free from older Microsoft systems such as 8 or 7, an so far it has been widely accepted. This hour we look into Windows 10, the must have back-to-school apps and the newest phones coming to the market.

11:00 One of the most frustrating aspects of holiday shopping, besides waiting on line inside, is looking for a good parking spot outside. This hour, we'll take a look some apps that promise to help you find the best, and cheapest, spot.  Plus, we'll hear about the the biggest tech industry winners and losers of 2013, and discuss Amazon's latest innovation for delivering packages faster. Guests: