#Tech Tuesday

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As humans live longer and longer, the need for more elder care options is increasing. One tech company is offering virtual pets that can interact and keep an eye on senior patients. We discuss that and MIT Technology Reviews' the top breakthrough technologies of 2018, including 3D metal printing and real-time language translation.


Tech Tuesday: Year End Review

Jan 2, 2018
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Join us for a look back at the biggest developments, news and scandals in tech in 2017. Also get a look at what could be big for tech in 2018.

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The Federal Communications Commission's effort to repeal net neutrality regulations could be a rallying cry for internet-loving voters. Coming up a look at the conflict the new effort could cause. Also, is some of the technology we use designed to be biased? Up next, what happens when apps negate the needs of women and different minorities.

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In the age of social media, a new type of warfare has emerged. State-backed internet trolls and terrorist propaganda peddlers are taking advantage of these new platforms to spread divisive messages that have real-world consequences. Today, a look at social media as the battlefield of the 21st century. Also, how companies are using your data to predict when a career change is on the horizon.

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New polls show Americans aren't excited about a more automated future. Also, Ohio State University’s new Digital Flagship University initiative will place an iPad into the hands of every incoming undergraduate student beginning next school year. The initiative will boost learning in app development and coding. 

Once a tried and true method of communication for 90's babies, millennials and Generation X-ers- AOL Instant Messenger or AIM will be discounting services and leaving a river of emoticon tears in it's wake. We look at how the instant messenger impacted pop culture and the world wide web. Also how is the internet regulated and organized? We take a look at two different approaches to the task.