The Ohio State University

According to an Associated Press review, The Ohio State University saw a 69% increase in students seeking mental health treatment in the last five years.

Buckeye Food Alliance, a student-run food pantry on Ohio State's campus, is opening a second location next semester.
Buckeye Food Alliance

A food pantry for Ohio State University students will be expanding next semester. The student-run Buckeye Food Alliance will open a new location at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church at the corner of West Woodruff and High Street.

Jack Cochran, Garrett Hoffman and Sara Deakin are Ohio State students who attended the Farm Science Review's job fair.
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The agricultural industry has taken a pummeling the past few years, with bad weather this spring compounding an ongoing trade war.

Class is back in session in many Dayton area school districts. Hundreds of students in those districts were, in some way, affected by both the Memorial Day tornadoes and the Oregon District mass shooting. 

Some districts say they are responding to students’ mental health needs, but the need for those services has already been rising in recent years.

In the Trotwood Madison City School District, 226 students were displaced by the May tornadoes. Officials say they’re seeing students with signs of trauma related to the tornado and the shooting. 

It’s the middle of summer but Harrisburg Middle School is a hive of activity. Between summer school classes and renovations, it’s a little chaotic for counselor Brett Rawlings, who just wrapped up his first year at the school.

Harrisburg is a town of fewer than 300 people, midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. But the school also serves the surrounding area, which is primarily farmland. As the K-8 counselor, Rawlings is responsible for some 400 students, and he deals with a range of issues.

Disadvantaged Students And Higher Education

Jul 5, 2019
desks in a classroom
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The SAT College Board has started using so-called “adversity scores,” which are designed to reflect a student’s socioeconomic status and create context for the test scores. 

The adversity score will consider environmental factors that influence a student’s home and school life, including crime rates and poverty levels.

Today on All Sides, how those scores could help higher education diversity its student body and, beyond the scores, how disadvantaged college students make the grade.

Adversity and College

Jun 20, 2019

The SAT College Board has added a new section to the standardized test called 'adversity.'

This section is scored based on the students socioeconomic rank , such as home life, neighborhood crime rates, poverty levels, housing, and other factors determine their disadvantage level.

If a student scores a 50 or above, it means they have had to deal with more obstacles in life in order to get an education. If a student scores a 50 or below, it means the student has used their advantage to the best of their ability. 

Today on All Sides, how disadvantaged college students make the grade and manage higher education in light of the SAT use of so-called adversity scores. 

The sunrise in rural central Michigan reveals a landscape of neatly divided cornfields crossed by ditches and wooded creeks. But few of the sleepy teenagers on the school bus from Maple Valley Junior-Senior High School likely noticed this scene on their hour drive to Grand Rapids.

They set out from their tiny school district of about 1,000 students, heading to the closest big city for a college recruiting fair. About 151 colleges and universities were waiting.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College won an award Tuesday from the organization Achieving the Dream for increasing student success and decreasing achievement gaps.

International student enrollment is flat at some to local colleges and universities because of stricter visa requirements. Instead of coming to the U.S., foreign students are looking to Canada, Great Britain and Australia, and that has local schools getting creative to get their numbers back up.

School bus
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Two students from Licking Heights High School in Pataskala were hospitalized Wednesday morning after school officials report “they ingested an unknown substance.”

Wright State University is preparing for a planned faculty strike January 22. University administration officials say the school will remain open even if faculty head to the picket line. 

News of the potential walkout is being met with confusion by some Wright State students returning to campus for the start of the new semester.

Crowdfunding Classrooms

Jul 18, 2018

Teachers in Ohio often spend their own money to outfit classrooms. As costs rise and budgets shrink, many teachers have turned to online fundraising, or crowdfunding, attracting outside support for education.

The popular crowdfunding website, for example, has raised funds for more than a million projects since 2000 and currently hosts more than 2,000 initiatives for Ohio alone. 

A new report from the Ohio Auditor's office, however, recommends school districts adopt policies that regulate the online fundraising.


Federal law requires students with disabilities to spend as much time as possible in general education classrooms, but a study from Ohio State University has found that’s not happening in Ohio, or the rest of the country.

Our Take A Number series is exploring problems around the world through the lens of a single number.

Some high school students think of applying to colleges as a full-time job. There are essays and tests, loads of financial documents to assemble and calculations to make. After all that comes a big decision — one of the biggest of their young lives.

For top students who come from low-income families, the challenge is particularly difficult.