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The Steubenville Rape Case And Toxic Masculinity

Jun 17, 2019
Keith Srakocic / Associated Press

In 2012, two high school football players raped an unconscious underage girl. By the next morning, hundreds of texts and social-media posts crisscrossed the eastern Ohio community of Steubenville. 

Many of the posts included photographs of the girl, which crossed the line into child pornography.

The case attracted worldwide attention and prompted conversations across the country about the misogynistic atmosphere of Steubenville. 

Today on All Sides, we revisit the story and the lessons with documentary filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman. Her new film “Roll Red Roll” premieres tonight on PBS. 

You can stream the film starting tonight on PBS POV. The film will premiere on WOSU-TV Sunday, June 23 at 11 pm EST. 

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The Diocese of Steubenville has released the names of clergy members accused of sexual abuse, one day after the Youngstown diocese published a list of its own.

Steubenville Diocese To Release List Of Abusive Priests

Sep 26, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

A second Roman Catholic Diocese in Ohio plans by the end of October to release its list of priests who have been removed from parishes because of sexual abuse and misconduct allegations, The Associated Press has learned.

Jefferson County

An Ohio judge is in the hospital after being ambushed by a gunman while walking to work at the Jefferson County courthouse in Steubenville on Monday morning. 

When people talk about jobs in Ohio, they often talk about the ones that got away.

"Ten years ago, we had steel. Ten years ago, we had coal. Ten years ago, we had plentiful jobs," says Mike McGlumphy, who runs the job center in Steubenville, Ohio, the Jefferson County seat.

Today, the city on the Ohio River is a shell of its former self. And health care has overtaken manufacturing as the county's main economic driver.

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A federal grand jury has charged seven individuals suspected in a heroin-trafficking operation in eastern Ohio with one count each of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance.

11:00 We'll take your calls on the verdict in the Steubenville rape case, Senator Portman's reversal on gay marriage, and the continuing controversy over JobsOhio. Guests

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10:20 Then, before we hear the Governor’s State of the State address in Steubenville, we’ll ask what is the state of our state... What are the issues and what are conditions in different regions of the state? Guests