Central State University is launching a technology education program and will serve as a regional hub for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the Midwest.

About two dozen Goodyear employees will build the escape room this week, which will allow students to use math and science skills to get out.
Akron City Schools

Volunteers from Goodyear will begin work Monday constructing an escape room that requires Akron Public School students to use STEM skills to find a way out.

COSI's first ever Science Festival will be held May 1-4.

Columbus City Council will vote Monday evening to recognize the first ever COSI Science Festival, which will run May 1-4.

Dreams Soar

On Monday morning, an aviator will take off from Columbus to continue a 90-day around-the-world trip, inspired by a historic Columbus flight more than 50 years ago.

11:00 Student scores in math and science have been falling in the US, and now rank behind Estonia and Hungary. But all is not lost.  This hour tech expert David Pogue discusses how investment in STEM can boost America's international standings. We'll also learn how serious gamers are embracing the DIY spirit, and we'll see what's new in Amazon's gadget world. Guests

10:00 Recent reports show that we have a shortage in students majoring in the the STEM areas: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But why? What's the problem? And how are high schools and universities working to combat the issue? Guests