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11:00 Job-seekers know the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know." But this phrase is getting personal as patients awaiting transplants network online for organ matches. This hour, we'll talk to a doctor about social media and organ donation. We'll also get a physician's-eye view of ObamaCare and talk to a doctor about painful kidney stones. Guests

11:00 Cyber bullying is an epidemic plaguing schools of every description. Most school officials would do anything to stop it, but how far is too far? This hour we'll look at a California district using a tech company to monitor students' social media activity. And we'll examine the scariest part of a self-driving car: When a human takes over. Plus it's new gadget info on the iPhone 5 and more. Guests

11:00 The world of politics now revolves around social media, right? Wrong, according to the folks at techpresident. Just like Facebook and Google, they’re more interested in what they can do with the data. Then, we’ll continue our conversation about the good the bad and the ugly of the new Facebook Timeline. Finally, we'll talk about the upcoming release of Windows 8. Join the conversation on this hour of "Tech Tuesday." Guests

11:00 You have all those new gadgets you received as gifts over the holidays. Having a hard time figuring them out? And what happens when something goes wrong? We’ll have an expert on hand to help you trouble shoot. We’ll also be talking about how we used social media to stay in touch with friends and family over the holidays. And we’ll be talking about the new consumer satisfaction survey from PC World magazine. Guests

11:00 How can you find the best deals for your online shopping through social media? We'll tell you. Then, we'll talk about cloud devices like Google Chromebooks, Apple's iCloud and Wyse Pocketcloud remote computing service. What are these devices? How can you use them? Join us on "All Sides" for this segment of Tech Tuesday. Guests

11:00 On this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about how social media influences our shopping through new applications, social commerce and advertising. Then, we'll talk about Ultrabooks, a new class of lightweight, powerful Windows laptops that are just now hitting the market. On the last segment, we'll be covering Black Friday. We'll tell you where to find the best gadgets for the best prices, as well as discuss apps and websites to help you find the best deals. Guests

11:00 The 2008 recession changed the landscape for non-profits in the U.S. with decreased funding, especially from big contributors. Today on Tech Tuesday, we’ll hear how non-profits are inventing new approaches to fund raising with the creative use of social media. Also, find out how Amazon and Barnes & Noble are creating a niche market with their new lower-cost tablets. And, in the last segment, we'll discuss Smart TV. Guests

11:00 Campaigning lasted right up until election day and local organizations used social media to spread their message to voters. Did it work? Also, is it time to upgrade your computer? On this hour, we give you everything you need to know. Guests

  • Betsy Hubbard (social media consultant and Co-Founder, Mindset Digital)
  • Jim Siegel (reporter, Columbus Dispatch)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger,

11:00 Election season is here and candidates are using social media to advance their campaigns. But what are they doing? Then, we finish the hour discussing augmented reality. Are we one step closer to a virtual universe? Guests

  • Betsy Hubbard (social media consultant and Co-Founder, Mindset Digital)
  • Debra Jasper (social media consultant and Co-Founder, Mindset Digital)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger,

11:00... The latest about the Columbus casino deal. 11:20... Admitting to crimes in the virtual world can lead to very real consequences of imprisonment. This segment, we'll focus on catching criminals using social media; how Columbus City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer Jr. arrested a top graffiti artist with Facebook and Twitter. 11:40… Governor Kasich's budget proposes cuts and limitations on Ohio’s utility watchdog, the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC). We'll discuss what these cuts will entail for the OCC and in turn, Ohio. Guests:

Using social networking to land a job, with University of Pennsylvania Wharton School communication director Sherrie Madia.