sexual harrassment

Dominic Paretti
Columbus City Schools

A Columbus City School Board and legislative aide in the Ohio House has resigned after sexual harassment complaints that were filed against him by two female co-workers at the statehouse.

Senator Charleta Tavares and backers of her sexual harassment bill at the Ohio Statehouse.
Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio

Some state lawmakers are backing a new bill to reform sexual harassment training standards for themselves and their colleagues. But the bill is missing something critical for it to pass.

Jon Waters on the OSU Marching Band

Aug 12, 2014

10 am In fewer than three weeks, everything has changed for once-celebrated OSU marching band director Jon Waters. He was once lauded for leading the band to national fame, but was fired late last month for not addressing the group's sexualized culture. This hour we'll hear Waters' thoughts on why he was dismissed, what he's learned and what's ahead. Guest

  • Jonathan Waters, former OSU marching band director