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A bill in the Ohio House that would establish health education standards initially contained a provision that said schools, restaurants and health care providers shall post a message about how to deal with problem pregnancies on their bathroom stall doors. However, that part of the bill has now been scrapped.

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After most classes at Otterbein University let out for the day, students hit the treadmills and weight machines in the Clements Recreation center on the north end of campus. Upstairs in a classroom, though, the women of the school’s softball team sit still in their chairs, listening to Jill Davis teach a different sort of class.

When the Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump, along with sexual assault stories involving Brock Turner and Bill Cosby, hit the news back in 2016, a middle school student in Maryland named Maeve Sanford-Kelly was listening.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs Lose Funding

Sep 4, 2017
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Despite information that rates of teen pregnancy are on the decline nationally, the Trump administration has moved forward with suspending funding for pregnancy prevention programs. We look at the impact of these programs and other teen pregnancy prevention models.