Self-Driving Vehicles

Much like Columbus' other self-driving shuttles, the LEAP vehicles can seat 12 and include one operator overseeing the technology.
Nicole Rasul / WOSU

Smart Columbus has ended its investigation into a February 20 incident in which a self-driving shuttle vehicle in Linden suddenly braked and caused a passenger to fall to the floor.

Smart Columbus self-driving shuttles are coming to Linden.
Smart Columbus

The Linden Leap autonomous shuttles will stay off the roads until investigators determine what caused one to stop unexpectedly last Thursday afternoon, injuring one passenger.

Mayor Andrew Ginther unveils the LEAP self-driving shuttle  in Linden on Feb. 5, 2020.
Nicole Rasul / WOSU

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and other local leaders on Wednesday celebrated the launch of electric self-driving shuttles in the Linden neighborhood. It's the second such program in Columbus, but the first in a residential area.

Driverless cars can't figure out kangaroos

Jul 21, 2017
Bruce Johnson and Kristin Schwab

There's been a lot of talk about how driverless cars will navigate city streets, where pedestrians affect traffic flow. But what about the "pedestrians" of suburban and rural areas? Animal-related car accidents are a real concern for driverless car makers. And so far, engineers have been able to adapt cars to deal with creatures like deer, moose and elk.

Otto Motors self-driving truck
Wikimedia Commons

Ohio has its foot on the gas accelerating an effort to grow its self-driving vehicle industry. After success last fall, The Ohio Turnpike and OTTO Motors are planning more tests this spring and summer for self-driving tractor trailers across Ohio's northern corridor.