seasonal affective disorder

Every January, when I take down the holiday decorations that adorn my apartment walls, I’m always struck by how abruptly empty my home feels in comparison. A similar feeling comes when I look at my calendar, which seems to shift from endless holiday parties and seasonal social engagements to not much of anything overnight.

11:00 Your taste buds should be able to tell the difference between cyanide and broccoli, but easy access to sugar has made them lazy, confused and a little lascivious. This hour we'll discuss how taste bud rehab can help you love the foods that love you back. We'll also talk about the upgrade and seasonal affective disorder. Guests

Fall Back: The Transition to Autumn

Sep 9, 2013

11:00 The poet A.R. Ammons once wrote: "The spring in her step has turned to fall." If that describes your mood these days, help is on the way. This hour we leap into fall! We'll talk about how to embrace sweater weather, stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder, and rock some new fall fashions. Remember: All things are possible with pumpkins. Guests

  • Pat Snyder, author and columnist, Suburban News Publications