Spectators watch Santa's sleigh roll down High Street in the Lazarus Holiday Parade.
Herb Topy / Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is celebrating its 94th year, and though pandemic precautions mean it will go forward in a slightly diminished capacity, it’s expected to garner as many as 50 million viewers on television and online.

Santa Left Speechless by a Child's Request

Dec 20, 2009

Tis the week of Christmas, and Santa is hearing from children everywhere what they would like to see under the tree Friday morning.

In some parts of the U-S, children's requests reflect their family's struggles in the worst economy in decades. In some cases, even Santa finds himself at a loss for words.

Santa Dwayne Robinson awaits children at Eastland Mall in Columbus. He's noticed their gift lists are shorter this year: " "We just get one or two items instead of a whole string of items. Some of them are asking for new shoes and boots and coats and that sorta thing."