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The 2020 Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon, scheduled for October 18, has been canceled.

Former Ohio State runner Julia Rizk hopes to qualify for Tokyo Olympics
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The postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics until next year due to the coronavirus pandemic left many athletes disappointed. One Central Ohio native, however, is taking the news in stride.

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Many listeners have written in asking if it’s safe to go outside, especially since Gov. Mike DeWine announced a "stay at home" order taking effect Monday night.

Wellness Wednesday: Polypharmacy In Older Adults

Mar 11, 2020
prescription medicine bottles
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Nearly half of older adults take one or more medications they don’t medically need, increasing the risk for harmful drug interactions.

Old prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and even herbal supplements have the potential to trigger adverse drug events, which can be mistaken for signs of aging in older patients.

Danielle Turkovich and Emily Krichbaum

Growing up, Emily Krichbaum’s younger sister Michelle was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome - a rare genetic disorder that causes severe developmental disabilities and neurological problems. Throughout her life, Emily found connecting with her sister - who is nonverbal - very challenging.

Wellness Wednesday: Weight-Loss Surgery For The Youth

May 29, 2019
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Health experts estimate that at least 6 million obese teenagers in the United States are candidates for weight-loss surgery. 

Although fewer than 1,000 of them get it each year, many of these adolescents have health issues stemming from obesity. Doctors have been uncertain how well the surgery works for young patients, but a new study could provide some promising answers. 

Today on All Sides, weight-loss surgery for the youth, and more. 

There are five races that are officially a part of Flying Pig weekend in Cincinnati: a one-mile, a 5K, a 10K, the half and of course, the full marathon. One man wants to be the first person to run all five.

Cincinnati's Derek Murphy is somewhat of a celebrity. He's known worldwide for investigating possible cheating in marathons and runs the blog Marathon Investigations.

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Today at 11am

In the wake of our nationwide opioid epidemic, scientists explain how addiction manifests in adults and complicates the lives of infants born from drug abusing parents. Then, a look at emerging technologies that will make diabetes screening easier, safer, and eliminate the need to draw blood.

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A half-marathon and 10K race scheduled for Saturday in Liberty Township has been cancelled after the township's board of trustees voted unanimously not to allow the Scioto River Run to use its roads.

Wellness Wednesday: Running, 3D Printed Pills and OCD

Aug 12, 2015
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This hour, a look into how to choose the best running shoe.  Also, 3D printing is stepping into the pharmaceutical market.  Plus, obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is often misunderstood. We talk to one artist who is using her artwork as therapy.

11 am Bumper stickers reading "26.2" are a common sight these days. But it's not often you'll see one that says "1572." That's the number of miles in 60 marathons, and this hour we'll talk to a man who ran all those miles and more. Then we'll challenge what you thought you know about exercise during pregnancy, and learn the history behind the country's war on saturated fat. Guests

11:00 Pot heads are surely giddy over the latest study which found that, despite their snacking, marijuana smokers are thinner and less insulin-resistant than abstainers. This hour we'll take a closer look at that, and other recent medical findings. Then we'll discuss why disabled and obese patients get a lower quality of care, and get the scoop on the benefits of running vs. walking. Guests