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Three students from Dublin Jerome High School created an affordable, solar-powered robot to fix water pollution.
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Three Dublin Jerome High School students created what they say is an affordable, solar-powered robot that can monitor and remediate water pollution.  They’re taking their invention to a national competition at The Ohio State University this weekend.

In order to be globally competitive, Tri-State businesses big and small are increasing their use of robots. With reports like the one from The McKinsey Global Institute signaling workforce change, a Cincinnati futurist says the region should have a strategic plan involving local governments, corporations and educators.

KIPP Columbus High School
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A Columbus high school is one of 100 schools nationwide to win the Amazon Future Engineer Robotics Grant.

Tech Tuesday: The Future Of Farmwork And More

Feb 26, 2019

Farmers face labor shortages and the ever growing cost to get food on the shelves. In response, Florida farms are testing robotic farming technology, and the automated farm workers are set to hit the market next year.

But the engineers are still working to perfect this harvesting robot so it doesn’t crush or drop the fruit.

Today on All Sides, farming robots, why Americans aren’t buying groceries online and more. 

Kroger on Wednesday broke ground on its first high-tech fulfillment center in Monroe. The automated warehouse with digital and robotic capabilities is expected to generate more than 400 new jobs.

The Cleveland Clinic is the first hospital in the nation to use a new generation of robotics to make prostate surgeries less invasive.

Dr. Jihad Kaouk performed three successful surgeries last Friday using the Single Port SP Robot. The robot removed one enlarged prostate and two that were cancerous.

Dr. Kaouk says these procedures normally require about five cuts, but the new robot makes one small incision, causing patients less pain and allowing for a quicker recovery.

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At the Russ Research Center in Beavercreek, 30 kids between the ages of 12 and 16 are building robots with the help of mentors.

An audience gathers around the transparent 14-foot-long "culinary instrument" in a restaurant called Creator in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood.

Procter & Gamble says it plans to ramp up the number of robots it has to a total of 5,000 in the next five years. It now has 3,000, up from 1,000 in 2013. Managers say the reason for the robotic increase is due to advances in vision and gripping, as well as robots that can work alongside people.

Older adults at The Knolls of Oxford, a continuing care retirement community, are embracing robotic pets. Two pretend cats and a dog now make their home there and don't have any trouble making friends.

The origami inspired TWISTER robot has the potential to be used in manufacturing, surgery, and even space.
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What started as a “fun hobby project” based on a love of origami may turn into a device with the potential to work in manufacturing, surgery, and even in space.

Ohio is now the fifth state in the nation to allow delivery robots on sidewalks. The Buckeye State joins Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and Idaho where a robot the size of a large cooler can peacefully coexist with the public as it delivers take-out food, groceries, clothes, and more.


Shared, collaborative services like Uber, Airbnb, GoFundMe, and others are part of the new digital economy. A new study released has shown the impact and use of these services today. Also, some high school students in Ohio are getting the opportunity to learn about robotics and engineering in the classroom. And, Netflix will be the exclusive streaming site for Disney movies, giving it a new edge in the world of streaming. 

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This hour we are talking with Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. We'll discuss Ross' new book, The Industries of the Future, and what exactly those industries are and what their impact will be. 

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The Department of Justice issued a new policy that now requires a search warrant before cell phone data is collected using cell-site simulators, a form of surveillance technology that secretly tracks mobile devices. Plus, how human skills will remain relevant in the workplace despite advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.