Everyone loves a cheap eats list. A treasure map to $1 tacos! $4 banh mi! $6 pad Thai! More often than not, the Xs that mark the cheap spots are in the city's immigrant enclaves. Indeed, food media is never so diverse as when it runs these lists, its pages fill with names of restaurateurs and chefs of color.

These lists infuriate me.

Before I became a restaurant owner, I spent my childhood in my relatives' pho restaurants. Because of that, I have deep compassion for and understanding of the pressures facing immigrant restaurateurs.

Steve Brown

Chris Kowalski has had a rough go of it lately.

The owner and operator of Jack's Downtown Diner lost his wife to cancer in 2015. He closed the diner later that year, and when he reopened in 2016, the normally-quaint Lynn Street was a full-blown construction site.

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Bob Evans, a Central Ohio mainstay known for its "down on the farm" offerings, announced this week  it's selling all of its restaurants to a California-based private equity firm. One analyst says he's not surprised.

When Amelie Ning Kang opened her restaurant MáLà Project in New York's East Village at the tail-end of 2015, she had only a few rules: She refused to have dragons decking its walls, and there would be no dumbing down of her eatery's signature dish, the Sichuan specialty mala xiangguo, a stir fry heavy on the numbing spice that gives Sichuanese food its bite.

11:00 In less than two weeks, Dine Originals Columbus  will celebrate its 10th anniversary! On this hour of All Sides Weekend, we'll discuss which wine tastings, festivals, and fixed-price menus can't be missed March 11-20. Guests

11:00 It's the beginning of a new year. All Sides Weekend will cover the best places to eat in Columbus, the menu trends for the coming year, and also take a look back at some notable new restaurants that opened in the year just past. Guest

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  • Rich Terapak, Jr. (WOSU Food Critic)
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All Sides Weekend: Restaurants

Jan 6, 2012

11:00 What's your favorite restaurant in Columbus? Have you visited a new place recently? This hour of "All Sides," WOSU News Host Marilyn Smith will discuss the best places to eat in central Ohio, call in with your suggestions. Guests

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  • Rick Terapak (WOSU food critic)
  • Steve Stover (food and restaurant writer/contributor, "Edible Columbus")

11:00 It's All Sides Weekend Edition. This hour News Host Marilyn Smith talks food with Central Ohio restaurant critics. Guests:

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  • Rick Terapack, Jr. (Restaurant critic, WOSU)
  • Miriam Bowers (Restaurant critic, The Other Paper)

11:00 Groups in favor of turning Cooper Stadium into a racetrack say the installation of sound barriers will reduce the noise levels around the proposed auto racetrack, but several residents and businesses nearby are concerned. Because of that issue of noise, both sides have commissioned noise studies—with conflicting results. We'll talk with a noise compliance expert that conducted one of the independent studies to analyze this situation at Cooper Stadium. Guest:

Join 89.7 NPR News Host Marilyn Smith for All Sides Weekend.  We'll discuss the best food and restaurants in Central Ohio.  The summer season means warm weather, perfect for outdoor eating, hitting up farmers' markets, or exploring restaurants you've never tried before. We'll hand you a plate of suggestions with a side of comments this hour on All Sides Weekend. Guests:

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Join us for "All Sides Weekend," with 897 NPR News Host Marilyn Smith.

We'll engage in a discussion on the best food and restaurants in Central Ohio as we spring into a new season.

What new restaurants are making themselves known this season, and what are some of the old favorites that we can keep going back to?


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