BrewDog in Franklinton offered carryout food when bars and restaurants were closed, but has since reopened for service.
David Holm / WOSU

Columbus’ mayor and public health director are changing their plan to force bars and restaurants to close early to help limit the spread of coronarivus.

Huong Pham and Twee Win run Huong Vietnamese Restaurant on Columbus' North Side.
Gabe Rosenberg / WOSU

If you drive by Huong Vietnamese Restaurant on Morse Road, you’ll see their window filled with a black sign: “Sorry We’re Closed.” The lights are off; the usual lunch rush, gone.

Clare Roth / WOSU

The Short North Food Hall offers five different restaurants where you can grab food, place it on a tray, and take it back to your table with a cocktail. Just don’t call it a cafeteria.

Tasty Made

The Mexican fast-casual chain Chipotle has shut down its experimental burger restaurant, Tasty Made, that opened two years ago in Lancaster, Ohio.

Marielle Segarra

Picture the inside of a fast food restaurant. Big menu board, plastic booths, those brown trays, sticky with ketchup from the last customer - the kind of place you get in and get out.

Can Tasty Made Help Chipotle Freshen Its Image?

Oct 27, 2016
Tasty Made

The burrito chain Chipotle is now betting on burgers.

Known for their massive burritos and trendy décor, the fast-casual restaurant is venturing into new territory with a new burger restaurant called Tasty Made. The first one in the nation opened Thursday in Lancaster.

Short North Says Goodbye To Haiku After 18 Years

Oct 27, 2016
Esther Honig

The owners of Haiku, the well-known Japanese establishment in the Short North neighborhood, say the restaurant is closing after 18 years in business.