Puppy Mills

Humane Society rescue team members load dogs during a commercial breeder rescue on June 16, 2017 in Wolfeboro, N.C.
Meredith Lee / Human Society Of The United States

Officials from the Columbus Division of Police and multiple county sheriff’s offices gathered in a makeshift classroom Thursday to learn about animal cruelty.

Supporters of a bill that reform payday lending gather at the Ohio Statehouse.
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Controversial bills involving abortion, gun rights and pay raises for elected officials passed by lawmakers during the lame duck session. Some might be vetoed by Gov. John Kasich, and the legislature might come back after Christmas to override them.

Minda Haas Kuhlmann / Flickr

A legislative compromise aimed at reining in abuses by high-volume dog breeders while heading off a ballot effort to place puppy mill restrictions in the state's Constitution is headed to Gov. John Kasich.

Blue brindle dog looking on a fence
United States Marine Corps / Wikipedia Commons

The green light has been given to Stop Puppy Mills Ohio to begin collecting signatures on a proposed constitutional amendment involving so-called puppy mills.

A rescued puppy sits in clean bedding at the make-shift animal shelter in Anderson County, South Carolina.
Maj. Cindi King / U.S. Army National Guard

Opponents of commercial dog breeding facilities known as puppy mills say the state’s current laws don’t protect animals enough. So they are trying to put an issue before Ohio voters to let them decide.

USDA Animal Abuse Records Removal

Mar 9, 2017
Blue brindle dog looking on a fence
United States Marine Corps / Wikipedia Commons

The U.S. Department of Agriculture shut down a portal containing records of animal abuse in early February. a few of the records have been re-released to the public, but most remain unobtainable unless accessed by a Freedom of Information Act request, which can be extremely costly and take up to years to be completed.

Today we'll discuss the impact this may have on journalism and animal rights activism with a panel of guests.


Regulating Puppy Mills

Oct 13, 2015
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals / Wikimedia Commons

There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States and Ohio ranks among the worst in the nation for having USDA licensed breeding kennels and brokers. This hour, a closer look at what that means and how Ohio lawmakers are addressing the issue. 

11:00 Puppy mills and dog auctions automatically receive a bad reputation because most consider their treatment of dogs inhumane. Two local initiatives are trying to put a stop to them both, but how? Guest

  • Jim Siegel (Statehouse Reporter, Columbus Dispatch)

11:20 What are the issues in the news? What's going on? This segment of "All Sides" is dedicated to callers, so get your calls in early!