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Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Ohio Supreme Court chambers.
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A split Ohio Supreme Court has blocked a charge FirstEnergy customers have been paying since 2017, saying state regulators improperly allowed it to go forward. This charge cost customers as much as $200 million for each of those two years.

Wind turbines in Blue Creek Township in Paulding County, Ohio.
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Environmental groups are opposing Gov. Mike DeWine’s appointment to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. DeWine picked Sam Randazzo to serve on, and eventually chair, the state regulation panel.

solar panels

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is holding hearings on what could be the largest renewable energy project in the state.

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Boich Companies, a coal investor, are calling on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to approve what would be the largest solar farm in Ohio. The renewable energy project would be developed in Highland County, an Appalachian area the coalition says is in need of support.

power lines

The agency that regulates public utilities has a new plan for modernization of aging electricity grids.

Sammis Power Plant First Energy

Corporations are seeing big savings as the effects of the large federal tax cut take place. Now state energy regulators want to see if Ohio’s major utilities are going to pass those savings on to the ratepayers. It’s unknown whether the corporation tax cuts will result in lower electric bills.

Sammis Power Plant First Energy

Ohio utilities are considering their next steps after federal regulators knocked down a measure that would’ve allowed subsidies for struggling power plants. There are still options from state lawmakers.

A decision to block a plan that would’ve guaranteed profits for struggling coal plants in Ohio may have created a domino effect for the future of energy in the state. In part two of a three-part series, Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow takes a look at the history of deregulation in Ohio and the bombshell suggestion to reverse course.

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Ohio utility regulators are nearing decisions on two proposed energy deals that have sparked fierce debate among consumer, business and environmental advocates.