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Public Transportation

With the Ohio Legislature's lame-duck session just concluded, groups are already starting to look ahead to next year’s big budget bills. Several see this as an opportunity to increase money and access for public transportation.

A coalition of environmental, disability and other groups from around the state are calling on lawmakers and Gov. John Kasich to increase funding for public transportation. That would mean more sidewalks, bike paths and mass transit.

Esther Honig / WOSU

On Thursday, state and local Officials gathered at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center to break ground on the CMAX rapid transit bus line. It will deliver passengers from the Cleveland Avenue corridor to downtown Columbus.

COTA Receives $37 Million For Rapid Bus Line

Jun 1, 2016
Esther Honig / WOSU

The Central Ohio Transit Authority, or COTA received a $37 million grant from the Federal Transit Authority. Funds will go towards the construction of a rapid transit bus route that’s been named CMAX.