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Citations for public records violations statewide dipped by about 20 percent in 2017.

The Ohio Statehouse
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Two-thirds of the members of the Ohio House have sponsored a bipartisan bill that would ban photos, videos and digital media of victims of sexually oriented offenses from being released as public records.

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An attorney representing newspapers that sued for unredacted autopsy reports of a southern Ohio massacre is criticizing a court ruling shielding those reports.

Body cameras are spreading fast through American policing, and they're generating an ocean of video. Axon, a company that provides secure cloud storage for police departments, says it has received more than 4 million hours' worth of video uploads from its clients.

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An appeals court has rejected a newspaper's request for access to coroner's office evidence regarding eight Ohio massacre victims.

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The Columbus Division of Police is working to recover tens of thousands of lost cruiser video files that the department believes were "inadvertently deleted."

The city of Columbus and a group that works to free wrongly convicted people ended a years-long fight this week. 

Ohio Bill Expected To Address Public Records Disputes

Apr 27, 2016
The Ohio Statehouse
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The leader of the Ohio Senate said he plans to introduce legislation that addresses disputes over public records.

Ohio Supreme Court
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A divided Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that private colleges' police departments are subject to the state's open records law.

A recent survey showed small government agencies were highly responsive to public record requests.