Aaron Westbrook, Founder of Form 5 Prosthetics, shows a 3D printer used to make artificial limbs.
Debbie Holmes / WOSU

Aaron Westbrook decided, back when he was a high school student in New Albany, that he could develop a better prosthetic arm than the one he received when he turned 14.

Wellness Wednesday: Benefits Of Well Wishes

Jul 3, 2019
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Longtime “Jeopardy!” game show host Alex Trebek reported in May that his stage 4 pancreatic cancer was in “near remission” after announcing he had it in March. 

Trebek thanked the “hundreds of thousands of people who have sent emails, texts, tweets and cards” wishing him well. Although the odds remain stacked against him, Trebek’s experience has raised eyebrows about the tangible health benefits of well wishes.

Today on Wellness Wednesday on All Sides with Ann Fisher: the benefits of well wishes and social interaction.

A non-profit group is currently building prosthetic arms and hands without a license, saying a state rule is hindering them from providing cheaper, effective devices to people who have a limb difference.