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Prison Reform

People returning to Dayton from incarceration will now have access to more help reentering society. Montgomery County officials Wednesday cut the ribbon on a new, dedicated Reentry Training Center offering intensive job-preparation classes and job placement, housing and other assistance.

The Death Penalty

Mar 12, 2019
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.
John Minchillo / Associated Press

Governor Mike DeWine has now delayed total of four executions scheduled through the summer until the state comes up with new lethal injection protocol.

This comes after the state prison system’s current drug protocol was deemed cruel and unusual punishment by a federal judge earlier this year. 

Today on All Sides, where do things stand on the death penalty in Ohio and nationwide. 

Prison Sentencing Reform

Nov 27, 2018
Adora Namigadde / WOSU

Sentencing reform was at the center of Issue 1 on the statewide ballot in Ohio, calling for more treatment instead of prison time.

The measure failed, but even President Trump said this month that he would sign reforms into law.

Today on All Sides, the pros and cons of prison sentencing reform in the U.S.

Issue 1 Drug Sentencing

Oct 18, 2018
Derek Jensen / Wikimedia Commons

Issue 1 on the November 6 statewide ballot would amend the state constitution to lessen criminal penalties for drug possession. Proponents say that the changes would lower the prison population and increase addiction treatment options.

Opponents caution about amending the constitution, saying that the change would tie the hands of judges, especially those managing specialty drug courts.

Today on All Sides, the pros and cons of Issue 1.  

Prison Strikes and Reform

Sep 12, 2018
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility located in Lucasville, Ohio.
Daniel Konik / Ohio Public Radio

A nationwide prisoners strike for better prison conditions officially ended September 9. Prisoners are calling for fair labor practices, better facilities and rehabilitation programs.

Prisons went into lockdown or on high alert because of these protests.

Today on All Sides, we discuss inmate strikes and the future of prison reform in Ohio.


HDR Inc.

Franklin County’s jails are overcrowded and old. The downtown jail is 46 years old, and the jail on Jackson Pike is 31 years old. Neither functions properly for today's needs, jail officials say.

A new facility would replace both jails, and change how the county approaches inmate-guard interactions.

Filmmaking and Art by Inmates Behind Bars

Aug 31, 2017
Alex Van / Pixabay

An innovative project worked with incarcerated women at the Dayton Correctional Institution to write and direct their own short films. The shorts will be shown next month at the Wexner Center.

Today we'll look at programs aimed at creating self-expression for those behind bars and the effects the programs have. 

Piper Kerman's Prison Reform Activism

Feb 17, 2017
Cover of Piper Kerman's book, Orange is the New Black: My year in a Women's Prison.

Author of "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison" Piper Kerman has been an advocate for prison reform since she served time in a federal prison. Today we'll talk with Kerman about her work and prison reform both in Ohio and nationwide.

Orange is the New Black author Piper Kerman

May 27, 2015

Before it was a critically acclaimed Netflix series, Orange is the New Black was the best-selling memoir of author Piper Kerman's thirteen month stay in a federal prison.  We talk with her about the attention and success her story has garnered and her continuing work as an advocate for prison reform.