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U.S. Trade Policy and NAFTA

Aug 29, 2018

As the U.S. continues to wage a trade war with China, the Trump Administration is turning its attention to trade policy with Mexico.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 27, 2018
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President Donald Trump returned to Ohio this weekend to appear at the Ohio Republican Party State dinner.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Aug 20, 2018
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The feud between President Trump and Governor Kasich has been reignited after Trump's 2016 Ohio campaign director and Republican National Committee co-chariman referred to Kasich's "pathetic need for attention." 

A Kasich representative responded by accusing the RNC of trying to rig the 2020 presidential nomination process. 

We'll talk about that and the 12th Congressional District special election today on our Weekly Reporter Roundtable. 


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The Trump administration announced last week that it will provide $12 billion in aid to farmers negatively impacted by his administration’s tariffs. U.S. farmers exporting their products to China and other nations have seen a loss of business after the cost of U.S. agriculture imports have risen.

Governor John Kasich criticized Trump’s plan to bailout farmers impacted by the White House’s tariffs. He said it’s “terrible, terrible policy,” because the bailout adds to the nation’s deficit. 

ICE Raids and the Impact on Ohio Communities

Jul 12, 2018
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, conducted two of its largest raids this year when it arrested more than 200 workers in northern Ohio last month. This is part of increased deportation efforts across the country. 

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President Trump has nominated a 53-year-old Circuit court of Appeals judge in Washington D.C. to the U.S. Supreme Court. If confirmed by the Senate, the lifetime appointment of Brett Kavanaugh would solidify a conservative majority on the court for generations. 

A Discussion on the "Right To Try" Bill

Jun 5, 2018

President Trump signed the ‘Right To Try’ drug bill last week, allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental medical treatments not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. We discuss the key features of the bill and also have a conversation with a proponent and opponent of it.

Whirlpool washing machines
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A residential washing machine manufacturer with a major Ohio presence is celebrating President Trump's plan to place tariffs on imported washers and solar panels.