Relative: 5 of 8 Shot In Ohio Will Be Buried Side By Side

Apr 27, 2016
Sam Hendren / WOSU

The brother of some of the eight family members found shot last week in rural southern Ohio said five victims will be buried side by side in a nearby town.  

Sam Hendren / WOSU

Authorities are scrambling to determine who killed eight family members in a "pre-planned execution" that has shaken residents of their rural southern Ohio community.


Gov. John Kasich says the state will offer job-search support and other help for workers affected when the federal government halts a southern Ohio uranium enrichment project.

Airiel view of The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
US Department of Energy

The village of Piketon, in southern Ohio, played a major role during the cold war as the site of a U.S. nuclear weapons plant.  Now Ohio lawmakers want more money to clean up the plant’s nuclear residue.  But Congressional funding disputes are getting tiresome for Piketon workers and residents.