Paris Climate Accord

Governments are wrapping up a meeting in Bonn, Germany, to figure out how to implement a global climate agreement.

The conference has focused on the pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which nations made two years ago in Paris. But even as negotiators debate the details, scientists are warning that carbon dioxide levels are again on the rise, and the efforts in Paris may not be enough.

The G20 Summit ended in Hamburg with affirmation to pursue the Paris climate accord by leaders of the world's strongest economies, minus President Trump.

"The leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible," reads a declaration adopted on the final day of meetings Saturday, by a group that includes Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, and which some are now calling the "G19," at least when it comes to the question of climate change.

Wind turbines in Blue Creek Township in Paulding County, Ohio.
Nyttend / Wikimedia Commons

Several Ohio cities, colleges and universities are joining a nationwide alliance to create a show of force that they’re dedicated to fighting climate change.

The effort comes just days after President Trump announced plans for the U.S. to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

What's Next for the ACLU?

Jun 7, 2017
Michael Hanscom / Flickr

The American Civil Liberties Union has a long history of defending individual freedoms — whether the cause is popular or controversial — and even when it puts the ACLU on the same side with organizations they frequently oppose.

 Last week, for example, the ACLU called foul when the Portland mayor canceled a right-wing gathering.   Coming up, the national president of the ACLU talks about their priorities for the next few years.