Co-Parenting After Divorce

Oct 28, 2013

10:00 Divorce always stinks, but dropping your kid off at your ex's house for the weekend doesn't have to be awkward and miserable. This hour we'll discuss the concrete steps you can take to be the best mom or dad possible after a break-up. We'll learn how to talk about a divorce, introduce a new partner and cope with money issues all in a way that spares your children unnecessary pain. Guests

Boys World: The Challenges of Raising Sons

Oct 23, 2013

10:00 Parents of sons know that the world of modern boys can be complex. But these parents also know that it can be difficult to communicate with their sons. This hour, we'll talk to the author of a book about parenting boys about how parents can help their sons cope with the challenges they face. Guests

11:00 This hour we're talking to the author of "Queen Bees and Wannabees," the book that inspired the movie Mean Girls, about her latest book, which addresses the often-overlooked needs of boys. From the school yard, to the locker room, to trouble navigating their hearts and hormones, we'll discuss the issues every parent raising a boy will face. Guests

11:00 No matter how smart you are or how prepared you feel, nothing can make you feel as inadequate as being a parent sometimes. On this hour, we'll talk about a relatively new perspective on child rearing: renegade parenting. Guests

A conversation about the joys and challenges of parenting, with Columbus Parent Magazine editor Jane Hawes.


Sep 20, 2010

The joys and challenges of parenting for families in Central Ohio, with Columbus Parent Magazine editor Jane Hawes.