Ohio Higher Ed Leaders Meet On College Affordability

Aug 14, 2015

College affordability has been in the news recently. President Barack Obama recently unveiled a plan that relies on community colleges, while the two top Democratic presidential candidates are talking up different plans they’ve developed. But leaders in Ohio are showing that they’re past the proposal phase and already putting their plans to action.

Secretary Of State: Counties Can't Vote To Ban "Fracking"

Aug 14, 2015

Ohio's elections chief has moved to invalidate ballot proposals in three counties related to the oil- and gas-drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Western Drought Shifts Economic Power To Great Lakes States

Aug 13, 2015
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Much of the western United State remains mired in drought. While those states might not have much water, Ohio and other Great Lakes states are flush with fresh water, and that’s changing power dynamics and the region’s economic influence. 

More Vaccinated Students Heading Back To Ohio Classrooms

Aug 12, 2015

We’re heading into back to school season, and this year more Ohio students are getting vaccinated. Doctors and public health advocates say new laws are making kids and schools safer, but other warn there’s a battle looming over vaccine requirements and parental rights. 

Ron Gerberry

The longest-serving Democrat in the Ohio House is resigning his legislative seat as he faces allegations of violating state campaign finance law.

Court Panel: Ohio Judges Who Perform Marriages Can't Deny Same-Sex Couples

Aug 11, 2015
Ohio Supreme Court Gavel statue
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A panel that advises judges in Ohio is warning them that they can’t refuse to marry same-sex couples.

Pundits Say Trump Highlights GOP Debate, But Keep An Eye On Kasich

Aug 6, 2015
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While the Republican Party was putting the final touches on Quicken Loans Arena for Thursday night’s two debates, some political heavy hitters were in another part of Cleveland, laying out some expectations for the main event.

Protesters Mark Anniversary Of Beavercreek Walmart Shooting

Aug 6, 2015
Lewis Wallace, WYSO

A Beavercreek Walmart store was closed for several hours Wednesday evening during a protest to mark the first anniversary of police shooting and killing John Crawford III inside the store.

Welfare Drug Testing Bill Revived In Ohio House

Aug 5, 2015
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There’s a new bill that would drug test Ohioans receiving some state benefits. Previous similar bills have been shot down in past general assemblies, but the sponsors say this legislation is different.

How Would Carbon Reduction Plan Affect Ohio?

Aug 4, 2015

The White House has come out with a sweeping strategy to limit climate change. The so-called Clean Power Plan requires every state to play a role in cutting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. So how would the plan affect Ohio?

Search Crews Find Woman's Body In Alum Creek

Aug 4, 2015
Ohio Teen Camp

Officials say they have recovered the body of an Australian woman who was hit by a boat and killed while water-skiing in Alum Creek Lake last weekend.

Tiny Ohio Village Considers Dissolving Local Government

Aug 4, 2015
M.L. Schultze

Voters in 12 Ohio counties weigh in on local issues during a special election today. In the Stark County village of Limaville, voters will decide whether to dissolve their local government.

Local Governments Want Part Of Road Salt Settlement

Aug 3, 2015
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Hundreds of local governments and other public entities are seeking a share of Ohio's $11.5 million settlement with two rock salt producers that were accused of conspiring to drive up prices.

Peter Gehres

We're in the dog days of summer, which means auction season is in full swing. And no one does it better than Peter Gehres.

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A civilian who accidentally fired a shot from an AR-15 rifle outside a Lancaster military recruiting center while trying to guard it has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge.