National Abortion Update

Dec 12, 2013

10:00 With abortion-related provisions in the state budget and the number of clinics down to 9, Ohio women have fewer options when seeking an abortion. This hour we'll take a look at abortion regulations in Ohio and around the nation and examine what's left to restrict and what's left to defend. Guests

  • Esme Deprez, reporter for Bloomberg News
  • Karen Kasler, Bureau Chief for Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau

The State of Real Estate in Central Ohio

Nov 20, 2013

10:00 The mortgage meltdown did a number on more than just mortgages. It changed the dynamic of the entire housing market and brought about the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. This hour, we discuss how the Central Ohio market has changed, how it's faring now and how it compares to the rest of the nation five years later. Guests

  • Todd Helpbringer, president of Helpbringer Mortgage Services 
  • Rob Vogt, real estate analyst at Voght Santer Insights

Columbus City School Levy Follow-Up

Nov 6, 2013

10:00 The Columbus City Schools levy went down hard yesterday, with nearly 70 percent of the voters rejecting the proposed property tax increase. This hour, we look at how the election results will affect Columbus City Schools. Guests

Columbus History: Landmark Dates

Oct 11, 2013

10:00 From its small town beginnings to the city we know today, the history of Columbus, Ohio is filled with fascinating facts and stories. This hour, we'll take a look at some of the most interesting tidbits and tales  from the city's past. Guests

Gardening with Native Plants in Ohio

Apr 23, 2012

11:00 Have you started your spring gardening yet? If not, Charlotte Adelman will discuss how to use native Ohio plants throughout your garden, as well as native substitutes for your non-native favorite plants. Guest

  • Charlotte Adelman (author)

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10:00 Two same-sex marriage advocate groups in Ohio are dividing support over the constitutional amendment proposed for the Nov. 2013 election. What's the issue? Why are they in disagreement? On this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about the amendment with representatives from both sides. Guests

10:00 Congress, among rising gas prices and transportation funding declines, has been unable to pass a 5 or 6 year Federal Transportation Bill that could open up more options and perhaps bring more predictability to the funding of how we move people and goods. How is the lack of a long-term bill having an impact? Guest host Stu Nicholson will discuss this and more on this hour of "All Sides." Guests